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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Jul 16, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Filter B801215-1
Manifold Assembly, Absolute 7700899
Manifold Assembly, Differential 7700901
Logic Board Assembly 722-1336-002
Comparator Board 722-1339-005
Panel Assembly, Auxiliary 4V10006-101B
Bushing, Computer, Ai 513378-11
Lever 865F13
Housing, Indicator PE51045-1
Filter Asy 510692
Pivot Asy 17240
Brush Assembly, Atti 65831
Bracket, Transducer 535866
Pin, Transducer, Pres 535873
Clamp, Transducer, Pr 535879-1
Clamp, Transducer, Pr 535879-2
Stop, Transducer, Pre 535901-1
Plate Assembly, Top 85220630010
Stop, Transducer, Pre 535901-2
Sleeve, Transducer, P 535903
Cam, Transducer, Pres 535927
Block, Mounting 1305335-1
Shaft Assy, Computer 512836
Shaft Assy, Computer 512837
Lever And Hub Asy 1203425-1
Shaft 734933-1
Knob Assembly, Tension 734952-1
Hairspring Assembly 734982-1
Hairspring 734982-2
Lever And Hub Assem 734985-1
Bushing And Rod Asy 1632303-1
Diaphragm Asy 743678-1
Shaft 743695-1
Gear Asy 743697-1
Gear Asy 743697-2
Diaphragm Assembly 747569-1
Clutch And Gear Asy 747590-1
Drum And Hub Asy 747691-1
Lever And Hub Assem 749947-1
Link 724D170C
Manifold Assembly, Differential 7700844-001
Manifold, Aircraft Instruments LD261490PC7
Manifold, Aircraft Instruments 687528
Manifold, Aircraft Instruments 687529
Manifold, Aircraft Instruments 815608
Altimeter, Pressure 1845X4-03
Indicator, Air Speed AC118
Indicator, Air Speed 1214X8-05
Indicator, Attitude MILI5133B
Indicator, Attitude 14602-1JB1
Indicator, Turn And Slip RCA2
Transmitter, Position SLZ2018G
Element Assembly, Te 724C904B
Case Assembly PE51038-1
Inclinometer Assy, I SS224
Indicator, Angle 00030-2000-0001
Differential Assembly 1304565-1
Accelerometer, Mechanical 6017B
Indicator, Air Speed 739C04-034
Indicator, Attitude MILI5133B
Indicator, Turn And Slip B4BT
Cam And Gear 514350-3
Pitot-static Tube AN5812-2
Pitot Tube PH506LG
Pitot Tube PH506RH
Miniature Airplane Assembly 111045
Indicator, Mach And True Air Spee C1952204003W
Housing, Transducer 1201708
Carriage Assembly, Sensor 537594
Plate, Indicator Attitude 111092
Prism, Indicator 102625-002
Window, Special 108662
Pivot Screw, Altimeter 14392
Accelerometer Eleme 672678
Mask, Roll, Attitude Indicator 113379
Recorder, Strain, Mechanical 120256-1
Strap, Binding X445
Bearing Assembly, Sh 1002B914
Stem, Adjustment 1214-19
Flange, Mounting, Air 1214-2B
Handstaff Assembly, 1214-907B
Pinion And Hub Asse 1214-910B
Bracket Assembly, Be 1214-911
Housing, Indicator 1214B1C
Case Assembly, Airspeed Indicator 1214B922B
Bracket And Magnet 1214C938
Spool, Coil Assembly 1269-905-1
Diaphragm And Tube 1701-913B
Post, Hairspring, Alt 371-92
Diaphragm And Adjus 671CP917
Shaft Assembly, Main 724B922
Slide Assembly, Alti 724B935
Slide Assembly, Temp 724B937
Shaft Assembly, Inte 724C923
Link, Altitude Diaph 724C94
Bulb And Bracket As 724D961-1
Stem, Adjustment, Ind 865D12
Support, Rocking Sha 865D26
Pinion, Handstaff, Nu 865D49C
Link, Balance, Indica 865D63

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