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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Support, Flexure 940188-1
Computer, Flight Director CPU-80/A
Bulb, Bracket Assy 1297-904B
Altimeter, Sensitive A37822-46-001
Pitot-static Tube 856AT7B
Pitot-static Tube 856AT8B
Stop, Spring, Servo 148395-01
Encoder AR11-42P1A
Stop, Pointer 1496399-0002
Plate Assy, Indicato 1563-10-009
Flexure Assy, Tensio 537536-3
Gearshaft Assy, Indi 1563-10-012
Plate Assy, Rear 1563-10-019
Wedge Assembly 083530
Arm Assembly, Calibration 85415410010
Support-helix Secto 52415410020
Flag Assembly, Altimeter 85415410260
Rotor Assembly, Altimeter 85415410130
Synchrotel, Altimete 87415410030
Retainer, Lamp, Right Hand 46415410040
Clamp, Half Threaded 52415410110
Indicator, Vertical Velocity RC-60-VIL
Transmitter, Position 57100000-2
Plate, Rear, Indicato 144590-01
Indicator, Position CF00030-1-20
Deflector, Light, Ind 2931-2007-003
Control, Mode Select 434554
Computer, Flight Director 522-1763-003
Recorder Subassembly 703055-00-1
Seal, Cover Assy 703349-00-1
Head, Read And Write RW115930
Capstan Subassembly 703122-00-1
Coupling, Driven Cap 703258-00-1
Housing, Capstan 703264-00-1
Roller, Pinch 703227-00-1
Recorder Subassembly 703045-00-1
Strain Relief, Conne 1620723-6
Shaft, Pivot, Pinch R 703418-00-1
Roller Assembly, Tape Guide 6B2083C
Coupling Assy, Reel 703231-00-1
Spindle Assy, Reel 703241-00-1
Sensor Assy, Tape 703319-00-1
Retainer Assy, Bolt 703288-00-1
Clamp, Shaft Lock 940522-1
Plate, Lighting 1832-42-0004
Post, Compression 1498464-0001
Plate, Clutch Pressure 703293-00-1
Indicator, Instrument Landing, Air 888-3Y2
Port-tubing Assy 7400358
Tubing Assy 7400249-3
Collar Assembly 7400470
Plate Assembly 7700661
Support, Gear 52415410100
Contact Assy 4141798G1
Coil Assy 4142174G96
Resistance Spool 4152221G9
Drum Assy 4152342G1
Drum Assy 4152342G2
Disk, Solid, Plain 366B58
Core Assembly 7950095
Collar, Spring Retai 7200795
Component Board Ass 7700663
Power Supply 1925176-1
Indicator Subassembly, Mach And T 1903237-1
Amplifier-monitor 1903713-1
Bezel Glass 284893
Glass Asy 288022
Pivot-rocker Arm AH2835U
Spring Retard AH3111S
Stop, Minimum AH41V
Dial Assembly, Barometric 371K904C2
Transmitter, Position 9143795
Altimeter, Pressure 34500C1A1A1
Snubber Assembly 136557-01
Indicator, Position 40-395-1
Command Bar Assembly 2-470-11137
Board, Regulator 22104
Indicator, Position 3571020-6002
Gear And Shaft Assy 1965873-1
Cover, Flange 8948634P001
Shell 8948703P1
Dial Assembly 2371-907-010-3
Indicator, Air Speed A32852-10-002
Brush Board Assembl 126303-01
Brush Board Assembl 126409-01
Servo Assembly 114225-01
Weight, Trim, Special 537472
Compensator Half, Te 940196-1
Hairspring P1012-2
Filter Screen, Rimme P1328
Indicator, Homing, Po IND21
Support, Diaphragm 1852905-1
Shaft, Indicator 530601
Compensator Half, Temperature 940197-1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 665598B92111-01
Indicator, Trim, Control Surfaces 665598B92116-01
Indicator, Trim, Control Surfaces 665598B92118-01
Staff, Gear Sector M1311
Retard Bar S1344-1
Retard Bar S1344-2

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