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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

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Transmitter, Position 187800
Bearing Pin P1191-2
Bar, Retard S1010-33
Retainer, Seal 940202-2
Computer Subassembly 808310-19-1
Computer Subassembly 808310-18-1
Housing Frame Assy 522-1018-01
Insulator-shield 11-7238
Stop Assy, Transmitt 2270236-0001
Power Supply 510
Retainer, Printed Wi 147868-01
Vent, Housing Assy 131357-04
Sector Assy A1987
Coupling, Motor Shaf 703139-00-1
Heater, Motor 01303680
Coupling, Reel Shaft 703252-00-1
Plate, Clutch Pressu 703218-00-1
Lighting Assy 3139-2
Counterweight Assy 1600273-5
Diffuser Assy 1625712-1
Indicator, Turn And Slip 20B380-1
Indicator, Angle 4005-30-7
Hub Assembly 261872-901
Wiper 261868-001
Pointer Assy 261910-901
Plate Assembly 261958-901
Pointer Assy 261983-901
Gear Ring Assy 265048-901
Encoder Suppressi KHAA6282
Indicator Airspee PW233ASPC
Indicator, Vertical Velocity SF102RC2
Encoder 11DA110
Transmitter, Position 869FLBU
Transmitter, Position 852FLBU
Transmitter, Position 853FLU
Pitot Head 303PHA3
Indicator, Position SF77HSDBU
Computer Air Data 1202KHA1
Amplifier Assy KHAA6081
Preamplifier Assy KHAA6293
Electronic Module KHAA6239
Electronics Modul KHAA6167
Force Balance Uni KHAA6222
Force Balance Uni KHAA6221
Chassis Assy KHAA6310
Transformer C Ass STD1844-237
Adapter Mounting KHA7611
Adapter Mounting KHA7583
Adapter Air Data KHA7180
Hub Assembly KHAA6299
Hub Assembly KHAA6300
Hub Assembly KHAA6308
Height Assy Poten KHAA6327
Hub Assembly KHAA6306
Tagboard Assy KHAA6228
Tagboard Assy KHAA6229
Toroid Assembly STD1844-404
Board Assembly A KHAA6170
Nipple Assembly P KHAA6240
Cover, Rear B3851-56286
Retainer Bearing A3851-56109
Wire Braided Prob A3851-56106
Retainer Probe Un A3851-56127
Clamp Probe Unit A3851-56159
Paddle And Filter B3851-56253
Arm Counterweight A3851-56235
Boss Assembly A3851-56232
Heater Assy B3851-56209
Contact Detector A3851-56207
Cap Probe A3851-56250R
Sleeve Detector T A3851-56270
Mandrel Assembly B3851-56215
Wiper Contact A3851-56236
Screen Filter A3851-56254
Counterweights Pr A3851-56198
Paddle Probe B3851-56261
Cable Assy Probe B3851-56282
Block Resistor Mo B3851-56177
Housing Doweling B3851-56146
Detector Tube Ass B3851-56204
Probe Slotting As C3851-56226
Faceplate, Indicator 8461-69040-3
Computer, Flight Director 18864-1B
Base, Heat Sink 7901668
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1684-6BDA6-1
Flag Movement Assy 1497568
Gear Assy, Antibackl 4204-00017
Gear Assy, Antibackl 4204-00030
Computer, Air Data 32-87094-27
Gear Assy, Antibackl 4204-00010
Gear Assy, Antibackl 4204-00014
Gearshaft Assy, Comp 4213-00019
Gearshaft Assy, Comp 4V91068-101A
Gearshaft Assy, Comp 4213-00044
Lever Assy, Computer 4303-00001
Gear Assy, Antibackl 4204-00009
Gear Assy, Antibackl 4204-00011
Indicator Mechanism 5020173-002
Gearshaft Assy, Com 4212-00001
Gearshaft Assy, Comp 4213-00009

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