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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Indicator, Angle Of Attack B3851-56890
Loom Assy KHAA6309
Indicator, Position D5018
Ctb Assy Size Nin 0916BCS1
Clamp Air Data Co KHA7287
Connector Air Dat SUE8149
Hub Assembly Air KHAA6298
Clamp Air Data Co BCP1357
Hub Assembly KHAA6304
Clamp Air Data Co BCP1358
Clamp Air Data Co KHA7402
Coupling Assembly, A KHAA6188
Clamp Air Data Co KHA7475
Endstone Indicato STD431
Gear Assembly Slo AS1191
Pinion Assembly I AS1193
Shield Hairspring AS1211
Staff Fast Hand P AS1210
Arm Assembly Rang AS1458
Clip Rocking Shaf AS1186
Link Assembly Cou AS1189
Link Assembly Cap AS1773
Bi-metal Assembly AS1299
Counterpoise Indi AS1172
Capsule Assembly AS1019
Nipple Airspeed I AS1577
Pinion Adjusting RC558
Pinion Idler RC463
Diffuser Assembly RC364-3
Diffuser Indicato RC428-1
Adapter Assembly RC564
Capsule Assembly RC794
Bimetal Strip RC408
Arm Rocking RC799
Arm Assembly RC816
Arm Assembly RC484
Pad Indicator RC485
Pad Indicator RC379
Pivot Indicator RC614
Stem Assembly RC520
Plate Assembly Br RC624
Jewel Assembly RC553
Pinion Pointer RC555
Jewel And Bushing RC649
Jewel And Bushing RC650
Sector Assembly RC540
Shaft Cam RC462
Cover 835025-1
Plate, Gear 6019-195
Rod, Compensation 1625482-1
Housing, Rear, Indica 1620604-2
Housing, Rear, Indica 1622583-1
Altimeter, Pressure 629917-1
Altimeter, Pressure MILA83212
Bushing Assy 251070-901
Shaft Assy 261901-901
Circuit Board Assy 261818-901
Gear Assembly 261824-901
Marker, Hi-set 261832-145
Hub Assy, Actuator 261836-901
Plate Assembly 261893-901
Cam Assy, Switch 261850-901
Cam Assy, Switch 261853-901
Gear Assy 261865-901
Wiper, Switch, Indica 261867-001
Bushing Assy 261862-901
Circuit Board Assy 261860-901
Collar Assy 261857-901
Jewel Assembly 173438-901
Heater Control Assy 123C342
Cover, Rear 123-23
Balance, Weight 145111-01
Cam, Correction 1620879-1
Stabilizer Assy, Ind 530652
Artificial Horizon, 530628
Bracket&roll Assy, I 530637
Stop, Gimbal, Indicat 530732
Slide Assy, Bearing, 530611
Counterweight, Indic 530980
Weight, Trim, Servo 537473
Indicator, Attitude 861561
Knob Assy 565-1404-02
Bezel Assy 502-1023-02
Window, Indicator 534-1012-01
Cam, Caging 527-1008-02
Erector Assy 541-1065-01
Cam, Erection 527-1010-01
Cover And Pin Assy 517-1066-02
Gear Assy, Spur 571-1606-01
Brake Assy, Roll 541-1070-01
Inclinometer, Aircraft 559-1700-01
Roll Mask 530-1024-01
Housing, Sphere 522-1067-01
Flag And Shaft Assy 565-1720-02
Housing, Connector 522-1075-01
Spring Return Assy 3-470-11045
Gear And Stop Assy 3-470-11157
Indicator, Angle 14-64912-1
Stop, Pointer 1496399-001
Indicator, Horizonta 5201033004

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