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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Transmitter, Position P22-1
Accelerometer, Mechanical MIL-A-5885
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1652-6ZA6-1
Indicator, Turn And Slip A1050
Indicator, Position EA327-3
Indicator, Air Speed MILI5418B
Machmeter MIL-M-7507
Indicator, Turn And Slip A1240
Indicator, Attitude 109983-01
Arm Assy, Driver 1622350-1
Frame And Bearing A 1622712-1
Lid, Computer, Centra 2733-3434-001
Indicator, Trim, Control Surfaces 215-21330-2
Rainshield, Transduc 801359
Hand, Third 371-32-5
Spring, Retaining 586C163C1
Mask, Roll 530-1022-02
Motor Generator Ass 100966-01
Rotor And Shaft Ass 103568-03
Jewel And Screw Ass 93291
Sending Unit Assy, W 1518381
Sending Unit Assy, W 1518572
Shield, Element 9893649P2
Cup, Support Assy 9893667G3
Case Assy 1214CX922
Plate, Dial 1952-175-1
Rotor Assy, Computer 1969-938
Spring And Collet A 716-55
Shaft Assy, Rocking 716-945
Disc, Transmitter 940-80
Housing, Indicator 723002-1
Arm Assy, Motor Brus M5A225-1
Stop, Indicator 726857-1
Transmitter, Angle Of Attack 68-870033-101
Plate, Locking 2206-51
Compensator Assy 1357-915C
Flange, Mounting 2206BX3
Pointer And Disk As 2219-915-1
Pinion, Handstaff 35220630020
Setting Assy 85220630060
Pinion Assy, Interme 85220630080
Pinion Assy, Main 85-22063-0090
Setting Assy, Jewel 967-936
Hand Assy, Indicator 1214-925C1
Housing, Indicator 2206CX1
Ring, Wheel Spacer 371-127B4
Altimeter, Pressure 671BK03D
Capillary Assy, Indi 716B919B1-20
Housing Assy, Jewel 728-908-2
Housing And Jewel A 739-937
Bezel And Seal, Indi 726831-1
Plate, Rear C63904
Indicator, Position EA326-4
Brake Assembly 1251984-1
Indicator, Instrument Landing, Air MNI300
Housing, Indicator G3774
Computer, Air Data 550T51-6
Shaft Assy, Rocking 815-914
Shaft Assy, Rocking 1686-903B2
Washer Assy, Stop 1217284-1
Housing, Indicator 1240583-1
Mask Assy, Indicator 1251391-1
Shaft Assy, Indicato 1251393-1
Yoke And Shaft Assy 118517-01
Indicator, Miniature 21633
Shell Assy 21642
Cover, Plug 21661
Gear Assy 21678
Gear Assy 21695
Plate 22480
Cover, Rear Assy 25520
Stem, Adjustment Kno 2206B2
Shaft, Intermediate 57220630010
Shaft, Indicator F212-41
Coupling, Indicator F212-42
Housing, Indicator 617-0095-001
Shaft Assy, Sector A 1214-918B
Post, Pivot 1297B21
Spring Assy, Restrai 1297B936-2
Adjustment Assy, Dia 716-914
Handstaff Assy, Indi 724B918
Staff Assembly, Bank PB52979-1
Rotors And Tuning P 72548-02
Computer, Air Speed SC-D-5002
Ring 1238946-1
Gear Assy 1238948-1
Stator Assy 1240355-1
Hairspring 1240590-1
Diaphragm Assy, Mech 1686-906-3
Contact And Brush A 1299992G4
Disc, Transmitter 4152486P1
Bridge Assy, Front 716B907
Housing, Indicator 724CU1B
Bushing, Eccentric PB-13482-2
Holder, Capillary Sc PB16538
Pinion, Shaft PB19148
Header, Pin 1210196-1
Hairspring 1240590-6
Frame, Horizon Bar 766698-1
Gear Housing Assy, P 114157-01

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