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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

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Cover Assy, Gyro 83469-01
Gear, Attitude Indic 92257-01
Dial Assembly, Indic A2218-15
Shaft Assy 1238950-1
Ring, Wheel Spacer 371-127B6
Inclinometer PB23334-4
Mask Subassembly 122368
Transmitter, Position 8TJ9PFF44
Accelerometer, Mechanical 3635
Indicator, Position MIL-I-7063
Plate, Indicator 518-1038-02
Cover, Strain Recorder 120139-2
Recorder Subassembly 120142-1
Indicator, Air Speed 1450-55EA55-1
Computer And Transmitter, True MILC5191
Tape, Magnetic 11096
Recorder Assembly, Strain 123105-1
Block Subassembly 120935-1
Transmitter, Angle Of Attack 672889-107
Housing Assembly 152681-02
Indicator, Turn And Slip ARU-3A
Indicator, Position MS28001-2
Indicator, Course 522-0578-005
Indicator, Deviation, Azimuth-elev 522-0579-005
Indicator, Position AN5780T3
Indicator, Position EA326-2
Indicator, Position EA321-1
Indicator, Turn And Slip MS28041-1
Indicator, Attitude 100266
Indicator, Air Speed MIL-I-6447
Indicator, Attitude 664234
Indicator, Air Speed MILI5392ATYPEK3
Indicator, Attitude MILI6501
Indicator, Turn And Slip MIL1-5489
Indicator, Air Speed MILI25137TYPEME4
Indicator, Air Speed MILI5356TYPEL7A
Indicator, Air Speed MILI5416B
Machmeter MIL-M-5388
Indicator, Position EA323-3
Altimeter, Pressure AN5760-4B
Indicator, Attitude AN5736-2A
Indicator, Heading, Gyroscopic AN5735-2A
Indicator, Attitude 124215-01
Indicator, Angle SLZ9028
Indicator, Turn And Slip 266-004-001
Indicator, Vertical Velocity MS28049-1
Jewel Housing Assembly 2713-00002
Capsule, Bimetals 5900-00008
Strip, Cam Control 4415-6411-001
Jewel Housing Assembly 2713-00003
Capsules, Static 5901-00006
Rotor Vane 2913-00001
Camfollower, Transdu 536198-1
Diaphragm Bulb 724D962-1
Gear Assy, Antibackl 114159-03
Guard, Brush 114572-01
Retainer, Bank Point 114628-01
Guide, Light 115673-03
Shield Assy, Light 115966-01
Weight, Balance, Ring 121319-01
Amplifier Subassy 131358-02
Pointer Assy, Bank 132066-02
Yoke Assy 136524-01
Stator, Synchro, Indi 136526-01
Yoke Assy 136528-01
Rotor Assy, Pitch Sy 136543-02
Rotor Assy, Roll Syn 136566-02
Housing Assy, Stator 136579-01
Pad, Indicator 136629-01
Spacer 716-20
Back Plate Assy, Ind 617-0094-001
Case Assembly, Transmitter P22-30
Case Assy, Gear P22-38
Disk, Indicator 586-36
Transducer, Lift 30015-2
Indicator, Trim, Control Surfaces 10-3056-8
Transmitter, Position 110-40004
Transmitter, Position 4562-5A7-1
Indicator, Tachomete 8DJ89CAK2
Transmitter, Angle Of Attack SLZ2316
Light Wedge 141141-03
Sphere, Top Half 141580-02
Sphere, Bottom 141581-03
Horizon Bar 152923-02
Horizon Bar 152923-01
Shaft Assembly, Flexible 152649-02
Stator Assy 9893259-1
Light Assembly 141322-07
Lamp Assembly 152925-02
Bar Assy 1251274-1
Bracket Assy, Comput 513549
Parts Kit, Computer 595198-1
Indicator, Indicated 586BK0153
Gear Housing Assy, P 114157-03
Shaft Assy, Output 116756-01
Support Assembly 152855-01
Spring, Helical Comp 268391
Gear, Transducer 535961
Weight, Counterbalan 121319-02
Adapter, Connector, R 16192

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