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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Aug 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tube Assy, Air Passa 23151
Adapter Assy 23154
Rail 37824-1
Knob Assy, Trim Adju 25762
Collar, Index 37843
Push Rod, Short 37436-2
Rail, Pressure Ratio 37824
Cover And Bracket 1907348-1
Diaphragm Assy 1242771-1
Indicator Subassembly, Attitude MIL-A-26360
Dial, Indicator A1372
Transmitter, Position 5462981
Indicator, Trim Posi 4438812-501
Bezel, Indicator 808-3
Plate Assy 716-905B
Indicator, Rate Of Climb 1634-1AGB1
Shaft Assy, Adjustin B801254-4
Spacer, Transmitter 4141520P1
Cover Assembly, Rear 26537
Armature Assy, Indic F64-24
Armature Assy, Indic F64-25
Tube 14155
Transmitter, Position 4446313-3
Inclinometer Assy 305958
Post Assy 1936-912
Diaphragm Assy 1936-915
Shaft And Damper As 1498277-0001
Gear And Damper Ass 1498278-001
Shaft And Damper As 1498279-001
End Cover Assy 1498482-0001
Ring, Eccentric 1498438-0001
Brush, Grounding 1495455-0001
Indicator, Position CF00010-1-20
Deflector, Light, Ind 2931-2006-001
Indicator, Vertical Velocity RC30VIL
Indicator, Attitude ARU-4/A
Pitot Tube PST750L
Pitot Tube 29-7978-1
Pitot Tube 29-7978-2
Indicator, Turn And Slip M3500-9
End Plate Assy 12113
Transmitter, Position 8TJ55AAB1
Indicator, Angle SLZ9028E
Shaft, Retaining 23256
Arm, Transducer Foll 23377
Flag Assy, Indicator 1207547-2
Flag Assy, Indicator 1209944-2
Pivot Assy, Indicato 1220480-1
Clamp And Lever Ass 1224901-1
Ring, E, Pansion 1207553-2
Indicator, Heading, Gyroscopic 350633
Computer, Air Data 818703-4
Computer Subassembly 818552-4
Computer Subassembly 818570-4
Computer Subassembly 818590-4
Computer Subassembly 818535-4
Stop, Eccentric 1093
Diaphragm Assy A2071
Diaphragm Assy 40-22063-0010
Setting, Jewel M1091
Rod, Push M1705
Post, Dial M1723
Mask And Hub Assy 1242804-1
Drive Assy 1214276-1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1649-1APA1-1
Synchrotel 1849-950-1
Clamp, Hairspring 808-25
Panel, Oil Access 719042
Indicator, Position 12050
Connector, Computer 536962-1
Repair Kit, Indicato 0411
Indicator, Gyro Moni 506-2238-003
Wire, Pointer A1071
Indicator, Turn And Slip A1605
Valve Assembly 743136-1
Indicator, Position CVC5845C13R
Indicator Subassembly, Attitude ASU-3/A
Marker Assy, Mach Se 1214-929-3
Bracket And Magnet 1214D938
Pitot Tube PH555-2
Gimbal, Roll 134032-16
Altimeter, Pressure B23727-10-004
Transistor And Resi 116791-01
Pad, Rubber 123403-01
Cover And Pad Assy 123405-01
Sealing Strip 123452-01
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1725-2BDA2-1
Vane Assy, Transduce 808145
Stator And Housing 100803-01
Cap, Frame A1479
Tear Band, Cover A1555
Filter Assy A1571
Damping Unit A3775-02
Pivot Assy, Gimbal C A1637
Anchor Assy, Restrai C63402X
Pointer And Pivot A C64301X-1
Indicator, Attitude 131941-01
Transmitter, Angle Of Attack 808773
Plate Assy 85-27400-0010
Diaphragm Assy 1600784-1

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