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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gearshaft And Gear 1304793-1
Gear And Shaft Assembly 1304800-1
Gear And Shaft Assembly 1304802-1
Gearshaft And Gear 1304808-1
Ring Assy 107187-01
Bellows 1310733-1
Gear And Shaft Assembly 1304520-1
Gear And Shaft Assy 1304567-1
Gear And Shaft Assy 1304567-2
Gear And Shaft Assy 1304570-1
Differential Assembly 1304636-1
Gear And Hub Assy 1304599-1
Gearshaft And Gear 1304765-1
Gearshaft And Gear 1304766-1
Gearshaft And Gear 1304768-1
Gearshaft And Gear 1304773-1
Roller, Tape 1304139-3
Shaft And Gear Assy 1304296-1
Gear And Hub Assy 1305460-1
Gear And Hub Assy 1305465-1
Marker Block And Pi 1305587-1
Post Plate 366S12
Stop Assy, Carriage 534464-1
Hub And Sector Assembly 1215145-1
Diaphragm Assy 1357-910
Arm Assy 23392-2
Case Assy 37790-5
Indicator, Position IND6AM0D1THRU7
Ring 56237100040
Link 1357-33C
Shaft Assy 85-13570-0010
Pinion Assy, Main 1357-907
Arm, Ratchet Release 724595-1
Coupling, Antibackla 1239254-1
Potentiometer Base C913-512
Computer, True Air S 813141
Manifold, Bellows 534766
Housing, Transducer 3674116
Fitting, Transducer 2455
Spring And Sleeve A 85243010250
Sleeve Assy 865D927B
Clip, Tube 23356
Pivot 816830
Compensator Assy 85195220040
Bracket Assembly 1240579-1
Indicator, Turn And Slip 3907-2DA2-1
Cap, Bearing Adjusti B332-185
Detector Tube Assy 332-175
Orifice Assy 716-918
Insulator Assy 85228800240
Spring Assy 85228800130
Link 54228800010
Strip, Compensator 38-22880-0030
Diaphragm Assy 40228800010
Setting Assy 2285-911
Pinion Assy 85228800070
Compensator Assy 85228800210
Arm Assy 85228800150
Sector Assy 85-22880-0120
Shaft 57228800051
Body Assy 85228800230
Housing 728-9
Retainer, Glass 1559B24
Spring 58228800021
Case 1296U1C
Diaphragm Assy 586-923-6
Indicator, Position 8DJ50AAF2
Gear And Rotor Assy 114071-01
Plate, Sphere Mounti 114875-01
Pointer And Bracket 115513-01
Stator And Gear Hou 117722-01
Transistor And Resi 116893-01
Cover Assy, End 125422-01
Can, Amplifier 111500-01
Sphere Assy, Indicat 114167-01
Gear And Rotor Assy 114725-01
Hand Assy 545-919B6
Transmitter, Position 23004-2A
Transmitter, Position SLZ2018H
Transmitter, Position 23203-2A1
Transmitter, Position 23104-3BB
Transmitter, Position 8TJ9PFY43
Indicator, Turn And Slip RCA2W
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1725-1BDA1-1
Indicator, Turn And Slip 3906-1MA1
Indicator, Turn And Slip 3906-2DA2
Indicator, Attitude MS28088-1
Indicator, Turn And Slip 21500
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1722-2XA1
Indicator, Turn And Slip B4BA
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1722-2BCB2-1
Indicator, Turn And Slip B4
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1636-6HB1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1646-6TA2-1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1648-6UA6-1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity MIL-I-7721
Indicator, Vertical Velocity MS28049-1
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 716BU8-036
Indicator, Vertical Velocity AN5825-7
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1647-1AMA1-1

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