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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Jul 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Sealing Strip 131214-02
Diaphragm Assembly 1604589-1
Shaft Assembly 1604573-1
Jewel, Pivot 1602758-1
Jewel, Pivot 1602758-2
Jewel, Pivot 1602758-3
Arm, Lever 816560
Jewel, Pivot 1602759-1
Jewel, Pivot 1602759-2
Jewel, Pivot 1602759-3
Diffuser Assembly PB8580-34
Spring, Locking 1604668-1
Cover, Glass 20-245-1
Molded Insulator 803023-1
Molded Insulator 803020-1
Weight, Counterbalan A1137-1
Weight, Counterbalan A1137-3
Sleeve Assy L4675-01
Shaft Assy, Mechanis 743666-2
Retainer Assy, Indic 1606225-1
Indicator, Position 21000-16G13A1
Housing, Indicator M31071
Indicator, Turn And Slip A2200
Indicator, Air Speed AVU8A
Plate, Mounting, Indi 102704
Indicator, Air Speed MILI5721
Shaft, Flag, Horizon 1952
Indicator, Vertical Velocity RCS60-1L10
Altimeter, Pressure MIL-A-27229
Indicator, Vertical Velocity MS28075-1
Internal Assy 40-269-100
Indicator, Vertical Velocity MS24573-2
Indicator, Air Speed AVU-10/A
Counter Assy 1612425-2
Vibrator Assy 1619521-2
Counter Assy 1618485-4
Indicator, Vertical Velocity RCS60IL10H1
Transmitter, Angle Of Attack MILT19229
Indicator, Turn And Slip A2246
Indicator, Position 1200AC1A1A2
Parts Kit, Cure Date 595056-1
Parts Kit, Repair Tr 595055-1
Tape, Marker 1766144-4
Transducer, Relative 15978-7
Indicator, Attitude MS17313-1
Spacer, Baffle Seal A500-411
Transducer, Accelero 24523T1
Transducer, Accelero 24523T4
Indicator, Counting MS25448
Parts Kit, Indicator 1601099-1
Ring, Spacer 1607786-1
Mask Assy 1607791-1
Len, Indicator C317000206
Meter Mechanism Fla 189915
Mechanism, Rate Of T 1784214
Block, Rate Of Climb A1038
Case, Rate Of Climb A3091
Inde, Ing Ring B397-386
Shaft And Brush Ass 9886123G012
Handstaff Assembly 85-26541-0030
Cam, Plate 58-29530-0030
Drum Assembly 2000-926-2
Spring Assembly 85-29530-0150
Adjuster Spring 104-8
Drive Arm, Indicator 1476-115
Parts Kit, Computer 595057-1
Eccentric 104-12
Transmitter, Angle Of Attack 800987-4
Altimeter, Pressure B29534-10-004
Shaft, Rocking 57220630080
Gear Assy, Spur 85220640030
Setting Assy, Jewel 85220630190
Plate Assy 85220640010
Spring Assy, Restrai 724C942B28
Spring Assy, Restrai 724C942B29
Spring Assy, Restrai 724C942B31
Spring Assy, Restrai 724C942B32
Spring Assy, Restrai 724C942B34
Spring Assy, Restrai 724C942B36
Arm, Calibration 724D171
Mechanism Body And 724D974
Shaft Assy 724D978
Gear Assy 2259-903
Gear And Pin Assy 2259-906
Plate And Bushing A 2259-909
Bearing 32220630010
Spring, Altitude Dia 724B116
Spring, Diaphragm Su 724B42
Bracket, Altitude Di 724B5C
Plate, Top 724B6B
Indicator Subassembly, Air Speed 724B85
Indicator Subassembly, Air Speed 724B919
Diaphragm Assy 724B930C
Bracket And Button 724B933
Counterweight 724B98
Shaft, Altitude Rock 724C9
Spring Assy, Restrai 724C942B24
Spring Assy, Restrai 724C942B26
Housing, Indicator 50220640010
Inclinometer 135627-01

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