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Flight Instruments - FSC 6610

Air Speed Indicators; Rate Of Climb Indicators; Bank And Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators.
Last Modified: Jul 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gear And Mount Asse 85300700070
Gear And Pinion 85300700150
Mechanism Assembly 85300700010
Wedge Assembly 85298000010
Transmitter, Position 8TJ39AAM
Diaphragm Assy, Indi 1602156-6
Housing 514456
Stop, Mechanical 514471
Indicator Case 1602150-1
Valve Assy, Indicato 1602152-1
Clutch, Friction, Com 536940-3
Mask Assembly 131410-03
Altimeter, Pressure 50-384119-3
Ring Spacer M2175
Brush Assembly, Electrical 136351-01
Gimbal Assembly 129838-01
Gearshaft And Pivot 1318678-1
Computer, Flight Director 522-2858-005
Indexer, Angle Of At CF00034-2
Indexer, Angle Of At CF00034-1
Indicator, Heading, Gyroscopic AN5735-1A
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 22061
Indicator, Air Speed AC130
Altimeter, Pressure MIL-A-27198
Metermechanism, Power 136982-01
Indicator, Air Speed 1463-55FA55-1
Cover Assy, Connecto 134987-01
Pointer Scale Displ 136361-01
Lampholder Assy, Ind 136397-02
Stator, Synchro, Indi 136136-01
Accelerometer, Electrical, Linear TRU-3/A
Sphere Assy 129478-02
Mask Assy, Sphere Me 131833-01
Pointer, Bank 136911-01
Pointer, Bank 136911-02
Tube Assy, Compensat 790784-27
Indicator, Position 8DJ49GAW2
Indicator, Position 7000070
Indicator, Turn And Slip 1739-2BDA2-2
Indicator, Attitude 137713-01-01
Indicator, Attitude MILI27709
Hub And Spring Assy 1905906-3
Accelerometer, Mechanical MS23009-1
Indicator, Position 1498484-001
Stator-housing Ass 1877411-1
Detector Probe Assy 123D351
Indicator, Attitude DSA274-1
Indicator, Air Speed AC130-8
Transmitter, Position 67070
Altimeter, Pressure MIL-A-27198
Indicator, Position 8DJ49GCM2
Indicator, Trim, Control Surfaces 196646
Indicator, Position 27934C23B14A4
Pivot Assembly 85400000170
Pivot And Gear Assembly 85421800050
Indicator, Angle SLZ9028G
Indicator, Attitude 17502-1DA1
Pitot-static Tube 3-64901-5
Hairspring Assembly L4647-01
Pointer Release L4642-01
Rachet Assembly L4660-01
Mainspring Anchor L4696-01
Indicator, Air Speed E0739110059
Housing, Indicator 46276
Pitot Tube B26440-00-002
Sphere Assembly 136805-01
Ring Assembly 133838-01
Window And Case Ass 136953-01
Support, Gear Plate 136889-01
Housing Assembly 136816-01
Light, Wedge 136944-01
Airplane, Miniature 136974-01
Flag Assembly 136991-07
Sealing, Strip 136996-01
Indicator, Attitude 136600-01
Indicator, Vertical Velocity 1655-6AEB6-1
Indicator, Angle SLZ9081
Plate And Carriage 537063
Case, Air Data Compu 536707
Weight, Air Data Com 536479-2
Band, Air Data Compu 536234-1
Mount Assy, Air Data 535969-1
Gear Sector Assy 535812-1
Plate, Air Data Comp 535541-8
Synchronizer Assy A 534970-3
Transmitter, Position 8TJ39AAA2
Indicator, Position 8DJ48LAA2
Indicator, Position 8DJ49LAM2
Indicator, Position 8DJ49LAN2
Fitting, Computer Ai M521900D3
Manifold, Computer A 513547
Clutch, Transducer 534963-4
Machmeter H09501-04-003
Indicator, Position 8DJ48CAD
Indicator, Attitude ARU2BA
Shaft Assembly 512825
Shaft Assembly 512832
Spring, Helical Tors 535668
Spacer Assembly 513184
Shaft Assembly 513198

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