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Automatic Pilot Mechanisms And Airborne Gyro Components - FSC 6615

Automatic Pilot Regulators; Directional, Vertical, Bank And Turn, And Hydraulic Surface Gyro Controls; Airborne And Shipborne Automatic Pilot Mechanisms; Helicopter Automatic Stabilization Equipment.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

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Gyroscope, Rate MILG83172
Gyromotor 2140230-1
Housing, Gyroscope, Displacement 66139-302-1
Retainer, Filter 324147
Synchro Drive Subassembly C200040707
Synchro Drive Subassembly C200040705
Accelerometer, Electrical, Linear 197C297G1
Amplifier, Flight In 18760-1A
Accelerometer Assembly, Electrica 91-007-01
Control Filter 2840-00005
Control Filter 2840-00007
Amplifier, Summing 2832-00004
Gimbal Assy 8203-00009
Plate, Retaining, Spe 2003-2311-001
Plate, Retaining, Spe 2003-2621-001
Guide, Special 2603-1111-001
Guide, Special 2603-4111-001
Computer, Stabilizer 47-007-01
Heatsink Assembly 6713-00123
Gyro Assy, Special 8201-00003
Synchro Drive Subassembly C200040706
Base And Connector, Electrical 671B882G1
Bracket, B 893C515G1
Bracket, Component Mounting 925C296G1
Base And Bracket 893C392G1
Plate, Mounting 679B406P1
Adapter 672B500P2
Control, Electronic 756D945G2
Case Assembly 21152-26801
Disc And Shield Assembly 21834-01701
Cover Assembly, Vertical Gyro 142914-02
Cover Assembly, Ver 142914-01
Ring Segment, Torque 142868-01
Bracket, Gyroscope, Displacement 149448-01
Retainer Assembly, 147881-01
Mount, Instrument 107B8302G1
Handle, Bracket Connector 113B3728P1
Bracket, Components 925C294G1
Amplifier, Summing 2832-00003
Rotor And Stator As 1808675-3
Frame And Connector 1836065-2
Coupling, Bellows 1989874-1
Coupling And Shaft 1989873-1
Plate, Top, Component 836530
Body And Field 18562
Holder 18567
Shaft 18577
Arm Assembly A02H6026-2
Gyroscope, Rate 204040
Housing, Cylinder S1565-61814-2
Housing, Servo S1565-61813-2
Trim Position Sensor Assembly 800992-12
Servocylinder Assembly, Hydraulic S6165-61500-11
Adapter, Servocylind S6165-61614
Stop S6165-61644
Filter, Servo Cylind S6165-61645
Deck, Monitor S6191-60029-1
Mount, Gyroscope 141945-02
Parts Kit, Sensor 1800393-1
Stability Augmentation System 817939
Nozzle Block Assy 021-28292-1
Retainer, Slip Ring 604932
Cover, Slip Ring 604933
Closure, Slip Ring 604934
Amplifier, Sub 120632-01
End Bell 115677-04
Electromagnet Actuator, Gyroscope 67678-302-1
Parts Kit, Control D 133423-01
Servocylinder S1665-20249-7
Connector And Capac 063-28911-2
Cap, Motor 041X01321-6
Polepiece, Top 072-26954-1
Polepiece, Bottom 26955-001
Sleeve Assembly 029-26310-4
Parts Kit, Servovalv D108
Cover Assembly B2876
Resistor And Board B2889-01
Trunnion Assembly B22869
Cover Assy 137494-01
Control, Light Flash A127
End Frame And Conne SYLZ83
Cover, Roll Rate Gyr 479856-1
Insulator, Computer 627396-1
Cover, A, Is Rate Gyr 937474-1
Frame, Computer Auto 937592-4
Base, A, Is Rate Gyro 939386-1
Base, Roll Rate Gyro 939388-1
Chassis, Top, Compute 945002
Panel, Computer Flig 945003
Cover Assy, Cord, Com 945005
Bracket, Computer Fl 945010
Bracket, Computer Fl 945012
Can Assembly, Amplifier CV21-010012-1
Calibrator 405265-02-02
Calibrator 405268-04-02
Calibrator 405269-02-02
Calibrator 405275-02-02
Sleeve Assembly 424758-01
Calibrator Assembly 405259-02-01
Unit, Embedded 26-011144-1

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