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Engine Instruments - FSC 6620

All Engine Instruments, Including Aircraft, Marine, And Vehicular; Fuel Pressure Gages; Manifold Pressure Gages; Oil Pressure Gages; Fuel Mixture Indicators; Engine Oil And Fuel Warning Devices.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2020

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Starter And Shaft Assembly 1493959-0001
Power Unit, Electri 3L6649
Indicator, Engine Temperature 311HH
Indicator, Rate Of Flow EFU-26/A-8
Indicator, Rate Of Flow EFU-26/A-13
Plug Assembly, Damper ANN2706A
Plate Assy 1498502-0001
Plate Assy 1498500-0003
Wheel, Balance 1490671-0001
Transmitter, Rate Of Flow MIL-T-83027
Indicator, Pressure 6461516
Glass, Cover 1492266-0001
Transmitter, Rate Of Flow TRU31AA1
Housing, Transmitter 9850157G003
Cover And Adapter 9850047G008
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer 2-940-1
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 14128
Strut Assembly, Transmitter 8066W14G700
Bushing And Shaft A 1486711-0003
Turbine Assembly 8762K72G701
Impeller Assembly 4439K70G703
Hub And Spring Assembly 4391K71G710
Hub And Spring Assembly 4391K71G711
Retainer, Spring 6219W17P001
Shell Assembly, Transmitter 7540K72G703
Case, Transmitter 4320W17P001
Thermostat, Special 309B130
Parts Kit, Transmitt 5474173
Sealing Strip, Indic 470852
Transmitter, Pressure 193A108
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 193B107
Spring Assembly, Tor 1494983
Detent, Pressure Ind AH4388
Cover Assembly, End, Transmitter 1494071
Light Bo, Xcan R3572-547
Element Assembly 8322495
Gage, Oil Pressure, R 1508355
Gage 1512064
Plate, Thrust AH4086
Jewel 5468727P2
Housing Inlet 9850142G2
Shaft And Pivot 9850025G1
Impeller Assembly 5483892G1
Turbine 5478144P4
Magnet And Holder 9850070G1
Screw Assembly Jewe 9850143G1
Transmitter, Rate Of Flow 8TJ64GAL1
Shaft Assembly Arma 9893508G5
Clamp, Transmitter 9850007P001
Housing, Indicator 100615
Indicator 8DJ64GAX1
Gear And Wiper Asse 572-4-155
Shaft And Wiper Ass 572-4-156
Plate, Gear B20645-1
Plate Rear, Tachomet 85315200160
Plate Support 85315200131
Support Assembly 85315200030
Element Assembly 5700-11
Housing, Indicator 583848
Bracket, Resistor 20679
Housing, Engine Gage 20669
Arm, Contact 20135
Plate And Post Asse 45019
Pin, Taper, Engine Ga 20632
Spacer, Indicator 108869
Retainer, Inductor 108857
Contact, Electrical, 108776
Filter, Light, Indicator 405-221-0001
Insulator, Lamp 209037
Housing, Indicator 85315200010
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer 3571281-6001
Housing, Indicator 8905884G37
Strip, Seal 1209971-1
Spring And Hub Assembly 735506-2
Spring And Hub Asse 735506-3
Sender, Engine Temperature 430942
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer 751CU4-02WW
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 10370B
Switch Assembly, Cyc 622196
Thermostat Asy 12212-21
Case, Gage 20767
Rheostat Asy 50205
Housing, Indicator 8905884G45
Cap-front 320213
Indicator, Rate Of Flow 8DJ142LXF3
Plate And Stud Asse 8942884G28
Bearing Assembly, Ma 1375-906B
Plate, Dial 734643-1
Block, Clamp 738496-1
Indicator, Rate Of Flow C662001-0105
Housing Assy 1486929-1
Housing Assembly 732877-1
Ring Solder 785686-1
Breaker, Ignition Analyzer 10-35330-1
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer MILI27202
Shaft, Rotary Actuat 59B215
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating MILG7734
Thermostat, Engine Cooling D0TZ8575A
Transmitter, Water Temperature S438087
Gage, Oil Pressure D0KZ9273A

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