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Engine Instruments - FSC 6620

All Engine Instruments, Including Aircraft, Marine, And Vehicular; Fuel Pressure Gages; Manifold Pressure Gages; Oil Pressure Gages; Fuel Mixture Indicators; Engine Oil And Fuel Warning Devices.
Last Modified: Sep 22, 2018

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Drumstaff 1159-10
Drumstaff, Tachomete 712B23
Drumstaff, Tachomete 712-23
Base 110186
Dog, Drive Tachomete 90481
Bridge And Jewel Assembly 41453839G1
Bridge And Jewel As 4145839G3
Bridge Assembly, Ind 115189
Bellows Assembly 19-1994-09
Bellows Assembly 19-2417-01
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 0G20
Adapter, Engine Pressure Transmit 4070S
Sleeve, Case Assembl 62811004-2
Gage, Fuel 6430728
Arm Stop 5483099P001
Cap, Outlet 5483105P1
Gear Plate 62811006
Indicator, Rate Of Flow 354-010-001
Plate, Gear 63111001-1
Flag Assy, Indicator 62912005-1
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer ERU-18/A
Indicator, Torquemeter B709-7J
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer 8DJ207LAE1
Panel, Control, Light 75-0003-1M
Indicator, Rate Of Flow 8DJ205LAH3
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer 8DJ207LAH3
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer 8DJ81CAN4
Housing, Tachometer 5165900
Cover, Gage 621G102
Piston, Gage, Pressur 621G106
Indicator 215-21185-2
Indicator, Pressure EGU-11/A
Transmitter, Pressure 215-45302-2
Indicator, Torquemeter B709-7
Housing, Indicator 983707-1
Screen Assembly, Indicator 1995018-1
Indicator, Pressure A51A9011-7
Gear Assy 62911005-2A66B54
Lead Terminal Assem 5462400G001
Indicator, Pressure 22-260-042-2A
Diffuser Assembly 642-029-001
Housing-shaft Assy 4322W16G700
Indicator, Pressure 296-01611
Indicator, Rate Of Flow EFU12AA
Dial Assembly 5462270G1
Indicator, Pressure 3571222-2002
Transmitter, Tachometer 7W4426 & 3N7616
Plate Assembly, Front 8900863G002
Shield, Front 8900662P001
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer 2274655-0001
Indicator, Rate Of Flow 9807-212
Dial Set 1423-10-152-1
Adapter PD21386-1
Case, Bakelite 21733
Housing, Indicator 17970
Case 84325
Armature Assembly, Meter, Thrust 4152127G1
Bridge Assembly 89489
Movement Assembly, M NSA180
Retainer, Glass 11196
Hairspring And Post 1159-914
Hairspring, Upper Me 1159-20
Housing Assembly, Fu 788836-3
Front, Case, Temperat 108320
Diaphragm, Oil And F 405582
Disc And Hub Assembly 4152232G1
Disc And Hub Assembly 4152232G2
Magnesyn Asy CL15
Magnesyn Asy PB35675-1
Movement 110602
Movement Asy 109319
Movement Assembly, M 126M
Sector And Staff, Lo 18183
Shaft And Sector As 800719-1
Sector And Staff 18425
Sector And Staff 18424
Sector Assembly, Zer PC50948-1
Coil Assembly, Meter 21964
Setting Asy 1159-911
Setting Assembly, Je 771-907
Ring PB42821-1
Link Assembly, Manif PB14766-3
Link 18020
Shield, Thermometer 115179
Panel, Instrument 5123435
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 2550-108
Indicator, Trim 62800000
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer 63000000
Housing, Indicator 8905884G124
Actuator Assembly AA2949-5D52E
Indicator, Temperature, Engine Exh 204-15A
Lever, Gage, Fuel Pre 621G117
Case Assembly, Indic 2270306-001
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 6460613
Gage, Fuel Pressure 2JH26
Element Assembled 126241
Eccentric Assembly PB16914
Screw Asy PB51356-1
Pivot 69677
Pivot 88239

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