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Engine Instruments - FSC 6620

All Engine Instruments, Including Aircraft, Marine, And Vehicular; Fuel Pressure Gages; Manifold Pressure Gages; Oil Pressure Gages; Fuel Mixture Indicators; Engine Oil And Fuel Warning Devices.
Last Modified: Jun 26, 2019

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Pivot, Mechanism 786986-1
Indicator, Rate Of Flow 8DJ142LAX3
Transmitter, Pressure C6SZ9278B
Transmitter, Pressure C7TZ9278G
Oil Warning Device LS22772-1
Indicator, Pressure PDI25578
Indicator, Pressure 217-01141
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer MIL-I-27202
Indicator, Torquemeter 4308-1005
Bracket Assy, Gage U 92-10062
Indicator, Pressure 206-070-307-2A
Indicator Engine 35109-4E4A1M0DQP21192
Thermostat Assy The 2644173
Gage Unit, Engine 206-070-307
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 026-874
Gage, Oil Pressure A107-555
Gage, Oil Pressure 6460282
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 6907-766-3
Stop 67993
Stop Asy 110677
Spacer Asy 60122
Asy Glass 111658
Asy Glass 111655
Cover Assembly, Ther 111657
Housing 108676
Movement 104146
Spacer 93119
Plug PB50320-1
Tape And Block Assy 1923079-3
Control Unit Assembly 65450-01026-102
Indicator, Throttle LTCT20200-02
Indicator, Thrust, Engine Testing 216-21236-4
Transmitter, Pressure 7752-79A26-1
Gage, Pressure, Dial Indicating 6907-766-15
Indicator, Tachomete 3571260-4002
Sleeve, Rotor And Ha B578904-1
Handstaff 771-10
Vane PB50284-1
Rotor Asy PB50209-1
Spring 104476
Spool Resistance 125688
Spacer Gasket 108695
Spacer, Paper Scale 93102
Jewel PB50595-1
Spring 985G7
Spring 109378
Spring 109377
Handstaff 712-24
Weight, Counterbalance, Transmitte 72069
Spring 102340
Support Assembly, Co 103265
Rotor Assembly, Hair PB51093-1
Pivot, Drill Rod PB14660-1
Shaft Assembly, Mech B783460-1
Jewel 1159-25
Weight 71438
Compensator Assembl 784757-1
Spool 111344
Spool 110634
Ring 18019
Seal Assembly PB18326-6
Weight 72068
Weight 75965
Lever-pointer 1159-17
Weight Spiral 103719
Spring 89179
Magnet, Indicator 83676
Spring, Control 4152187P1
Hair Spring Asy PB51094-1
Spring 126239
Vane And Shaft Assembly, Amplifie 571-8700-1303280REVFITEM16
Movement 111349
Movement, Balanced Z 110601
Jewel, Pinion 162-28
Crank, Zero Adjuster 54591
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer 3571261-7001
Transmitter, Rate Of Flow TRU98A4
Adapter, Case 675003-1
Indicator, Synchroni 393060-001
Indicator, Torquemeter 65450-01425-101
Indicator, Tachometer, Engine S1305-13
Indicator, Rate Of Flow And Consu 6007-70A44A
Indicator, Rate Of Flow And Consu 6300B5A14A2
Indicator, Rate Of Flow And Consu 6300B5B15A2
Indicator, Rate Of Flow And Consu 6007-69B44B
Plate And Post Assembly 1911327-1
Housing, Indicator 111-1034-03
Indicator Mechanism 18-1652
Plate, Diffuser Moun 435-1338-01
Gage Unit, Engine 34400
Gage Unit, Engine AN5773-1
Indicator, Nozzle Position 2017134-01
Monitor Unit, Engine 0102KMU1
Shroud, Thermocouple KMU1011
Cover Assy, Spring 2826W13G700
Diaphram E83-30
Gage Assy, Fuel Inst 6430799
Gage, Fuel Instrumen 6430798
Cap, Indicator AM11103
Cup, Support 2874W11P001

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