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Electrical And Electronic Properties Measuring And Testing Instruments - FSC 6625

Test Leads And Test Lead Attachments; Test Instruments Designed For Communication Equipment; Test Instruments Designed For Use With Electronic Equipment Classified In Two Or More Fsc Groups.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2020

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Sweep Generator Subassembly 8200-010
Ammeter A043-007
Test Set, Telephone 6020-01
Panel Bottom, Case SMC399103
Frame SMC399107-2
Frame SMC399107-1
Frame SMC399106-2
Frame SMC399106-1
Frame SMC399107-3
Modulator, Monitor 8020000469-1
Test Set, Signal Data Converter 588Z0101G4
Generator, Sweep 9500C
Electronic Filter, Variable F5569
Oscilloscope 212
Test Set, Infrared Viewer 706
Adapter Set, Test 54000-40327
Control Assembly 1723-2
Test Set, Audio 1565-9902
Absorber, Radio Frequency Radiati 123AV50067-1
Test Set Subassembly, Electrical 54000-43010
Analyzer, Spectrum 37000-200
Holder SMB321003
Depth Unit, Monitor 27770-01-01
Ammeter 1120
Probe, Test 647006-1
Test Set, Computer 673413-101
Plate, Test Set 54000-40047
Meter, Audio Level 1933-9700
Generator, Pulse 2101
Voltage Standard 260
Fluxmeter 600A
Generator, Sweep 6550-1
Ammeter, Recording LAA3
Indicator, Single Sensor Precise SAMME292
Maintenance Kit, Electronic Equip VK3544
Meter, Field Strength 720B
Shunt, Instrument 6715
Meter, Special Scale 2534728-4
Ohmmeter 1863-9700
Phasemeter 210S1892
Wattmeter 4017B
Interconnecting Box 68D230024-1001
Voltmeter 148
Galvanometer 82162-4
Panel, Test, Electrical 123AV12060-51
Adapter, Test 10670515
Frequency Meter Matched Set 22020
Frequency Meter Matched Set 267838AND267839
Converter, Wave Form 254022
Converter, Wave Form 69-589-2
Wattmeter 260935
Indicator, Fault Locating 69-530
Adapter, Test 10671788
Voltmeter 1931
Indicator, Digital Display 247ASC0883-002
Indicator, Digital Display 3392
Voltmeter 268022
Test Set, Radar 01P06347D001
Ammeter 918-990077-369
Analyzer, Spectrum 1558-9890
Lead, Test BX1W16BLACK
Voltmeter 1362
Voltmeter 534443-1
Voltmeter MC06715
Ammeter 534437-1
Generator, Signal ANGRM50C
Wavemeter 003210-4
Oscilloscope Subassembly 00180-61904
Control, Vertical 08553-6007
Meter, Antenna Tilt 374682-1
Card Cage, Multiplex 522-6278-004
Counter, Electronic, Digital Reado 5245L-002
Test Set, Electrical Meter 6920B0528
Lead, Test 2173114-1
Lead, Test 2173114-3
Test Set, Antenna 01A222006A21-11
Test Set, Electrical Cable MMEPD6625-231
Meter, Special Scale RA20-13716
Lead, Test 2173114-4
Meter, Arbitrary Scale 2289015
Generator, Signal F210B10
Screen Assembly, Test Set 386576-1
Probe, Grounding 187B21A8
Test Set, Semiconductor Device 181512
Test Set, Amplifier 181517
Detector, Radio Frequency 182141
Fixture, Test, Electrical-electron 153802
Calibrator, Voltage 3330B
Constant Impedance 874LK10L
Ammeter 385600-1
Oscilloscope AN/FRM-26
Switch Assembly, Wired 08555-60010
Probe, Test 48212-22
Adapter, Test 4180968-1
Meter, Electrical Frequency 1120-0909
Generator, Signal AC15RBHJ
Voltmeter 50-152011NLNL
Indicator, Digital Display 351-24934-001
Mixer-video Amplifier 04-100412-01
Heat Exchanger 273214-2-1

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