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Laboratory Equipment And Supplies - FSC 6640

Laboratory Glassware; Laboratory Funnels; Laboratory Furnaces; Glass Beads; Laboratory White Sand; Litmus Paper; Paper Filters; Insect Transfixion Pins; Laboratory Glass Wool; Laboratory Furniture, Except Dental Laboratory.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Lid, Anaerobic Culture Apparatus 187C1113-1114
Controller, Time And Temperature, CP12915
Centrifuge, Laboratory CT-1002
Microtome 3370
Cage, Animal Movement Testing 145-03
Polisher, Metallurgical Specimen, 16-1272
Press, Specimen Preparation, Labor 20-1331
Test Tube 225-243
Furnace, Muffle, Laboratory 30700
Furnace, Muffle, Laboratory FD204C
Bath, Constant Temperature 23280
Cabinet, Laboratory 97-150
Cabinet, Laboratory 97-340
Furnace, Muffle, Laboratory Q7602
Table, Laboratory 9M120
Cabinet, Laboratory MS36390-2
Hot Plate, Electric 53015 (H3)
Cabinet, Laboratory 97-490
Paper, Lens SIGHT SAVERS 49
Table, Balance, Laboratory 12565
Press, Specimen Preparation, Labor 40093
Burner, Gas, Laboratory 18321-004
Centrifuge, Laboratory RC3
Bottle, Screw Cap 031-724
Hood, Fume, Laboratory 47702
Rack, Test Tube, Laboratory B4482
Flask, Erlenmeyer 29136-922
Bottle, Screw Cap B7562-2
Oven, Laboratory 31601
Sink Service Unit, Clinical Labor 5061-3515
Filter Element, Fluid VENTGARD
Centrifuge, Laboratory HT3401
Centrifuge, Laboratory AP197-8
Oven, Laboratory 13-245-20
Pipet, Volumetric NNN-P-390
Pipet, Volumetric NNN-P-390
Pipet, Volumetric NNN-P-390
Pipet, Volumetric 13222E7909
Clamp, Rubber Tubing, Regulating NNNC435
Sink, Clinical Laboratory 5061-3328
Tube, Biological Culture Sampling 2078
Disk, Filtering, Microporous HABG02500
Brush, Material Transfer 10940
Washing Machine, Glassware 360
Bottle, Solution, Pla 1595-5GAL
Bath, Constant Temperature 74896
Cabinet, Laboratory 1M066
Cabinet, Laboratory 1M752
Paper, Filter 9-795F
Jar, Sputum Specimen 03-338H
Bulb, Pressure, Laboratory H57430
Tubing, Glass 234440
Head, Laboratory Centrifuge 2943-A30
Apparatus, Molecular Weight Deter 50205
Flask, Laboratory 5410
Paper, Animal Cage C0RD0RUS44
Paper, Animal Cage C0RD0RUS44
Paper, Animal Cage C0RD0RUS44
Stopper, Bottle ZZS751
Clamp, Utility, Laboratory 5-772
Flask, Volumetric 28010K
Funnel, Common, Laboratory 29000
Test Tube 9820
Flask, Volumetric 28010K
Funnel, Common, Laboratory 29000
Funnel, Common, Laboratory 29000
Flask, Volumetric 28018
Beaker, Laboratory S63360
Cylinder, Graduated, Laboratory NNNC940
Cork Boring Machine H16880-6
Clamp, Rubber Tubing, Regulating NNNC00435
Flask, Volumetric NNNF289
Filler, Pipet NNN-F-1486
Dish, Culture, Petri 1001
Pipet, Blood Chemistry 37044-1
Pipet, Blood Chemistry NNNP340
Pipet, Blood Chemistry
Slide, Microscope NNNS450
Stopcock, Laboratory Apparatus 7440
Clamp, Utility, Laboratory 5-740
Disk, Filtering, Microporous RAWP04700
Sweeper, Mercury 526
Trap, Distilling 22013
Pipet, Serological 37034A-210
Pipet, Serological 37034A
Disk, Filtering, Microporous 3338-4
Pipet, Serological 37004
Tube, Centrifuge 2610L52
Pipet, Measuring NNNP350
Stretcher, Rubber Tu 14-196
Jar, Sputum Specimen 3-338A
Pipet, Volumetric NNNP395
Pipet, Volumetric NNNP395
Funnel, Separatory NNNF800
Funnel, Separatory 5246R29
Funnel, Separatory NNNF800
Cover Glass, Microscope Slide 75100-2440
Cover Glass, Microscope Slide 12-545F
Funnel, Common, Laboratory 4262
Funnel, Common, Laboratory NNN-F-001652

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