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Optical Instruments, Test Equipment, Components And Accessories - FSC 6650

Binoculars; Magnifiers; Microscopes; Periscopes; Telescopes; Optical Elements; Such As Lens, Prisms, Windows; Optical Benches And Associated Devices; Endoscopes, Fiber Optics (non-medical).
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Arm, Shutter, Spectrometer 659192
Plate, Mounting, Spectrometer Lamp 659186
Lens, Optical Instrument 659200
Plate, Spectrometer Door 659916
Nozzle, Air, Spectrometer 659427
Plate, Left, Spectrometer 12946745
Slit Assembly, Entrance 659031
Plate, Correction, Optical 650434
Quartz-mount Assembly, Ultraviole 659613
Window, Optical Instrument 659188
Window, Optical Instrument 659190
Mirror And Mount Assembly, Exit 659612
Filter And Mount Assembly, Ultrav 659615
Glass Plate And Mount Assembly 659616
Mirror And Mount Assembly, Exit, S 659600
Quartz And Mount As 659903
Filter And Mount Assembly, Diffra 659904
Prism, Optical Instrument, Mounted 2404-205
Spectrophotometer 189000
Mask, Light, Spectrometer 659618
Mask, Light Height, Spectrometer 659498
Microscope, Optical 304219-3
Eyepiece, Microscope 105-0005
Cap, Lens 105-2579
Cover, Eyepiece 215-0168
Telescope, Straight 526535-100
Prism, Optical Instrument 6798380-1200
Clamp, Mirror 6798380-1100
Periscope Subassembly 2590000033097
Filter, Light, Optical Instrument 306035-1
Reticle, Bezel 201073-1
Burner Head, Spectrophotometer 303-0419
Window, Optical Instrument 301391
Mirror, Optical Instrument 301221
Spacer, Optical Element 6800-431
Spacer, Optical Element 6800-432
Spacer, Optical Element 6800-433
Reticle Assembly, T 64A16C1311
Adapter, Glass Plate 22000
Aperture, Mirror Assembly 1963MA
Magnifier 29.634
Spectrophotometer 00-100028-00
Spacer, Optical Element 6800-530
Spacer, Optical Element 6800-531-2
Lamp, Spectrophomete 5029
Lamp, Spectrophomete 5062
Power Supply C73-16
Mirror, Optical Instrument 10524950
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 3208524-100
Spacer, Optical Element 6800-430
Spacer, Optical Element 10548430
Magnifier 81-41-79
Mirror, Optical Instrument D649
Glass, Mounted Polygon TP210
Glass, Mounted.polygon TP214
Microscope, Optical 6600B2
Lens, Optical Instrument 301243
Lens, Optical Instrument 301242
Prism, Optical Instrument, Mounted 6800-404
Illuminator, Incandescent XX7500010
Microscope, Optical XX75-000-00
Mirror, Optical Instrument 5452A002P1
Borescope 165-12SFX
Viewer, Picture P5
Spectrophotometer PR-1500/W-OPT01
Spacer, Optical Element SC-C-599164
Spacer, Optical Element SCD599166
Lens, Optical Instrument SC-B-599173
Lens, Optical Instrument SC-B-599172
Lens, Optical Instrument SC-B-599171
Lens, Optical Instrument SC-B-599170
Spacer, Optical Element SC-C-599163
Retainer, Optical Element 1770996
Reticle, Optical Instrument 1654837
Reticle, Target Cour 1654838
Clamp, Swivel Pad 650484
Cover, Bearing C96
Mount, Exit Mirror 650117
Guide, Electrode 650027
Jaw, Spectrometer 650028
Window, Optical Instrument 650034
Lever, Spacer 650040
Drift Bottle 05-01-7176-006
Visor, Binocular 400-2009579PC108
Ring, Lens 400-2009598PC172
Lens, Binocular 400-2009577PC89
Spacer, Lens 26800110
Lens, Binocular 400-2009577PC87
Sight, Aligning 400-2009598PC175
Ring, Sight 400-2009586PC140
Cover, Binocular 400-2009599PC180
Mirror, Optical Instrument 8626406
Eyepiece, Right Angle 71-1230
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 207D0208
Sharpener, Electrode Rod 650680
Reticle Assy 569-20-020
Reticle, Optical Instrument 8565151
Reticle, Optical Instrument 8213809
Prism, Optical Instrument 540N5023-1
Mirror, Optical Instrument E685-2-30511

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