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Hazard-detecting Instruments And Apparatus - FSC 6665

Radiac Equipment; Gas Detecting Equipment; Land Mine Detecting Equipment.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Radiacmeter E-130A
Radiacmeter 907-884
Counter, Ratemeter 123
Radiacmeter PNC1
Collector Optics As 891D899G1
Seal And Housing As 65256
Detector Lox 08-85973
Radiac Set ANPDR27Q
Radiac Set 592B
Tube, Carbon Dio, Ide 85976
Window Guard B238028
Radiacmeter 510-601
Detector, Gas CH318
Radiacset ANPDR45B
Sensing Unit X1918CREVE
Housing, Dosimeter A 536-1002
Retainer, Ultraviole 536-1020
Retainer, Yellow Fil 536-1025
Cover Assembly, Radi 536-1036
Handle, Instrument C 536-1049
Filter, Ultraviolet Light 536E16
Filter, Yellow Light 3842
Glass Fluroescent TYPE9272
Paper, Chemical Agent Detector D5-67-266
Radiacmeter IM195PDR27Q
Radiac Set ANPDR56D
Meter, Roentgen Rate 1541 MOD
Chassis Assembly 78538
Calibrator Set, Radiac ANUDM7A
Radiac Meter IM153PD
Meter, Roentgen Rate MIL-M-10304/18A
Radiac Set ANVDR1
Barrel, Test Probe B136-45-191
Adapter B136-45-190
Cup C136-45-180-1
Adapter, Canister C136-45-194
Adapter C136-45-196-1
Meter, Survey Radiol CDV700-6
Voltage Lever Detec B40125
Multivibrator, Contr CGAP5403
Multivibrator, Alarm CGAP5402
Thermostat 602655
Filter, Analyzer 600363
Launcher, Bathytherm MX7594ASSQ56
Radiac Set ANPDR56B
Hose Assembly P170-3683
Hose Assembly P170-3684-1
Hose Assembly P170-3682-2
Calibrator, Radiac 10218-05
Alarm, Gas, Automatic MIL-M-38742
Alarm, Gas, Automatic MIL-M-38742
Diagrahm, Wiring B136-45-203
Diagram, Vacum B136-45-204
Radiac Set ANPDR56A
Amplifier Printed A 144713
Heater Control Asse 145045
Adapter, Rubber B136-44-98
Cover, Protective 440-97
Module, Alarm 34004
Detector Assembly, T 50586
Indicator, Carbon Dioxide MILI2925TYPEICLASS1
Calibration Check Kit, Gas Monito 40000059
Transmitter Group 0T52TDQT1V
Transmitter Group 0T51TDQT1V
Indicator, Safety Level CDAL1250B
Charger, Radiac Detector PP4276APD
Detector Pad, Free Water 6640001054386
Radiac Set ANPDR43E
Radiacmeter RM3C3
Radiac Set C12848AD01
Charger, Radiac Detector 300000
Mounting Kit, Chemical Agent Auto 2GE903
Computer-indicator, Radiac CP792AUD
Detecting Head Assembly 13200E2802
Flame Safeguard 46920448-46410334
Diaphram And Ring R A11571
Detector Kit, Udmh 08-82050
Calculator Set, Radiac And Nuclea C5-86-34
Housing, Chemical Agent Automatic D5-15-4824
Leash, Thumbscrew B5-15-4448
Housing, Chemical Agent Automatic D5-15-5230
Chassis Assembly E5-15-4490
Heater Assembly C5-15-4420
Top Subassembly, Case D5-15-4530
Head Assembly, Vacuum Pump D5-15-4630
Radiacmeter RM3C2
Alarm Gamma BZ216UD
Retaining Bar Assy D5-15-5280
Air Intake Assembly C5-15-4370
Rain Shield Assembly C5-15-4360
Weight Assembly C5-15-4475
Extension, Spring Rate Scale C5-15-5457
Heater Module D5-15-4450
Radiac Set ANPDR71
Heater Assembly DWG 5-15-4380A
Cap, Air Outlet 326015110
Diaphragm, Vacuum Pump C5-15-4638
Cell Block Assy D5-15-4390
Gage Block, End Play C5-15-5384
Calibration Kit, Gas Indicators A 41166MA

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