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Scales And Balances - FSC 6670

Coin Operated, Household, Industrial, Postal, And Laboratory Scales And Balances.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Scale, Weighing 12348-020
Scale, Weighing 1122
Weight, Balance 12629-1
Load Cell, Force-weight 295-016J2400PC95
Scale, Weighing 2191FC
Weighing Device, Man A-A-59732
Balance, Analytical 1125CDN
Scale, Weighing SU18A0010
Weight, Balance 827236
Weight, Balance 536480
Weight, Balance 536480-1
Calibration Kit, Weighing Scale, E M0D615D
Dial, Scale Tachomet 5484136
Scale, Weighing 1756T1
Weight, Balance 66341-301-3
Balance, Torsion MIL-B-36836
Load Cell, Force-weight USP1-5B
Scale, Hand, Spring, Weighing 4600
Scale, Weighing 0325
Weight, Balance 106356
Winding, Motor Field NSE11R
Balance, Precision, T P1200
Yoke, Compensating Bar 29095
Bearing 19839
Bearing 29675
Bearing 16742
Bearing 29680
Bearing 21753
Bearing 19846
Bearing 21754
Bearing 21755
Bearing 19844
Screw, Compensating Bar 9123
Scale, Pre-packaged Foods MIL-S-43147
Weight, Balance 9080
Weight, Balance 9078
Scale, Weighing 439 SCALE
Weight Set, Balance 7910346
Load Cell, Force-wei 39-65-25K
Weight Set, Balance 7910419
Load Cell, Force-weight 31966
Load Cell C54035
Weight, Balance 139626-01
Weight, Balance 611162-1
Weight, Balance 611162-2
Weight, Balance 611162-3
Weight, Balance 611162-4
Weight, Balance 611163-2
Scale, Crane 6872353
Weight, Balance 10254-1
Weight, Balance 10254-3
Weight, Balance 10254-4
Weight, Balance 10254-5
Weight, Balance 10254-7
Weight, Balance 10255-2
Weight, Balance 10255-3
Weight, Balance 10255-4
Scale, Weighing 2410AP
Balance, Analytical 2000RG
Scale, Load 3F31682-105
Scale, Weighing MILS19423
Scale Portable 6680-1305-1
Balance, Torsion
Calibration Kit, Weighing Scale, E 615CA3
Scale, Weighing 3337
Load Cell MIS10238
Load Cell, Force-weight SCD10084/3T50
Kit, Weighing 155800-03
Load Cell, Force-weight RTL-FF42-CS-20K-9102
Scale, Weighing IN-30
Scale, Weighing IN-002
Weight 326188PC1
Weight 416988PC3
Weight, Balance 417548PC4
Weight, Balance 480973PC5
Load Cell, Force-weight USP1-2B
Load Cell, Force-weight 35-133BCF60K
Scale, Weighing MIL-S-11183
Scale, Weighing 1091
Scale, Weighing AAA-S-115
Scale, Weighing AAA-S-118
Scale, Weighing AAA-S-118
Scale, Weighing AAA-S-118
Scale, Weighing AAA-S-108
Scale, Weighing
Scale, Weighing AA50062-1-6
Balance, Analytical MIS-10410
Calibration Kit, Weighing Scale, E 416118-1
Load Cell, Force-weight USP1-20B
Scale, Weighing 1N15
Weight, Balance 5172346
Scale, Weighing 3600
Weight, Balance 325402PC1
Weight, Balance TE630B
Weight, Balance WM21-117B
Weight, Balance WM21-117F
Jar, Hydrometer 302112-00
Load Cell, Force-weight 905531
Load Cell, Force-weight 203615
Weight, Balance Z10-317

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