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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: Mar 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tracing Table, Stereoplotter, Proj 53-14-94
Template, Drafting CC 1267
Template, Drafting R-77
Converter Assembly 13218E3900
Reference Unit Assy 13218E3500
Shield, Outer 13218E3611
Objective Assembly 112-731-2055
Screw Assembly Slow Motion 112-065-0077
Level, Surveying 112-456-2046
Integrator 116753
Autographic Instrument, Photogram A7
Cover, Level Rod 8421626
Housing, Eyepiece NT2-113
Template, Drafting R-375
Pad, Artwork D204
Template, Drafting 710
Box, Photographic Accessory C1026K
Height Finder, Oblique Photograph 51020
Plotting Template PIF3-17
Drawing Board A-A-52301
Pen Set, Lettering, Freehand GGP140
Level, Surveying 8047-45
Protractor, Semicircular GG-P-681
Lettering Set N3245-15
Compass, Drafting, Pivot GG-C-552
Case, Range Pole MILP20192
Dividers, Drafting, Plain 1773
Case, Drawing Board And Plane Tab MILP10813
Frame, Stereoplotter, Projection MILF10538TYPE2
Cooling Unit, Stereoplotter Proje MILC10541
Pin, Adjusting, Surveying Instrume PD251
Drafting Instrument Set A52034-1
Table, Stereoplotter, Projection MIL-T-20193
Drafting Instrument Set A-A-52034
Drafting Instrument Set GGD600
Projector, Stereoplotter MILP10562
Theodolite, Surveying A-A-52574 TYPE 2 CLASS 1
Light, Signal, Surveying MILL52430
Light, Signal, Surveying MILL52430
Tension Handle, Steel Measuring T A-A-52045
Transit, Pocket GGC560
Theodolite, Surveying T4
Projector, Stereoplotter 41-72-51
Stereoscope, Lens-prism-mirror, Ae MILS20660
Stereoscope, Lens-prism-mirror, Ae TYPEF71
Stereoscope, Lens, Aerial Photogra A-A-52040
T-square MILT10629
Drawing Board A52301-II-C-1-X
Altimeter, Surveying FA-199
Tripod, Surveying 8591340
Surveying Set, Triangulation SC6675-97CLE28
Surveying Set, Topographic Compan SC6675-97CLE27
Surveying Set, Precise Traversing
Surveying Set, Precise Leveling
Surveying Set, Precise Baseline SC6675-97CLE23
Drafting Equipment Set, Battalion SC 6675-95-N04
Shop Equipment, Cartographic Inst SC6675-97-CL-E12
Plotting Set, Artillery Fire Cont SC 6675-95-N02
Repair Kit, Surveying Instrument SC6675-97CLE17
Sketching Set, Surveying SC6675-90-CL-N03
Surveying Set, Supplementary Equi SC6675-97CLE20
Surveying Set, General Purpose SC6675-97-CL-E21
Surveying Set, Planetable SC6675-97CLE22
Template, Lettering 684
Protractor, Semicircular MILP20385TYPE1
Protractor, Semicircular P20385TYPE2
Rod, Level GGR1506
Tripod, Surveying MILL3841
Straightedge GGS776TYPE3
Straightedge GGS776TYPE3
Scale, Drafting GGS161-4
Scale, Drafting GGS161-4
Scale, Drafting GG-S-161
Transit, Pocket F2060
Rectifier, Projection Printing, Ph MILR11254
Spectacles, Anaglyphic, Stereoplot MILS10539TYPE1
Spectacles, Anaglyphic, Stereoplot MILS10539TYPE2
Straightedge, Radial Line, Slotted MIL-S-14249
Tripod, Surveying MILP10813
Tripod, Surveying 5096A
Straightedge GG-S-776
Drafting Machine 600100
Clamp, Leg 3A11
Upper Wood Leg 16108R
Table, Drawing D4580-1
Protractor 749B537PCP1
Integrator 76-252PC1
Transit MILT20196TYPE2
Transit 200518229-2
Surveying Set, Artillery Fire Con SC6675-97CLE29
Surveying Set, Artillery Fire Con TIP00206-17APR70
Curve Set, Drafting, Irregular 57-1680
Curve Set, Drafting, Regular GGC871
Computer, Stadia Circular Scale MIL-C-12103
Scale, Plotting 58116
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates ML530U
Integrator GL22A1
Bench Mark 42M220
Processing Machine, Photogrammetr MILP52281
Eyepiece Assy, Teles SIA665

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