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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: May 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Screw Mount Microme CA5-3X7-5
Cover Screw NT1-829
Sleeve Housing NT2-234
Sleeve NT2-237
Pin Slow-motion Scr 135247
Screw Knob T2-99
Screw Plumbing Opti DIN551-1-7X1-5
Screw Housing 551-2X4
Screw Horizontal Ba 553-2-6X3
Screw Mirror 85-2X8
Fitting, Lamp 316106
Scale, Plotting FNA364
Triangle, Drafting 1608
Scale, Plotting ES-D-190450
Level, Surveying, Wit AL21-67BG
Prism Set, Pickup, Horizontal 130187
Prism, Theodolite 130281
Pantograph Assembly 44859
Projector, Vertical Reflecting, Ph 70A
Interpretation Kit BS9A
Level, Surveying A52299-A
Stereoscope, Lens, Aerial Photogra 4X
Theodolite, Surveying T2-56MMIL
Screw Flange CB5-3X11
Transit, Pocket 6620
Template, Drafting R-123
Template, Drafting 31
Viewer, Stereoscopic Roll Film, Ph AR26B
Drafting Machine MARKXM0DEL2
Surveying Instrument, Electronic MRA301
Compass, Drafting, Beam PA1730-S
Tripod, Surveying 78-0022
Theodolite, Surveying 730010
Template, Drafting 19
Scale, Drafting 4633-12
Level, Surveying 750300
Band, Drafting Machi 820
Abrasive Cone 3230A
Dividers 949
Target, Plumb Bob 246
Point Transfer Devi PUG2
Scale, Drafting 60-0618-15
Scale, Drafting 60-0628-22
Tripod, Surveying 780040
Tripod, Surveying 5197-1
Template, Drafting 2300-422
Scale, Drafting 56 3650
Template, Drafting 94
Photomapping Section, Topographic SC6675-93CLE40
Klystron 10-1010
Scale, Drafting 1590
Oscillator, Special M50-8283
Distributor Board M50-8285
Control Assembly M50-8276
Detector, Phase M50/8279
Crystal Oscillator 11-1726A
Tribrach Assembly XT21-103
Target Frame 288982
Base, Optical Device NT3-401B
Integrator 100235A
Photo Interpretation Set, Unit SL3-04772A
Scale, Plotting 8293698
Level, Surveying 800101
Template Set, Drafting
Drafting Instrument Set A52034-1
Surveying Control Section, Truck SC6675-93CLE45
Theodolite, Surveying T16-66
Tagboard Meter Assembly 50-8270
Tagboard Capacitor Assembly 50-8288
Viewer, Comparator 527AM
Mounting 312690
Theodolite, Surveying MILT52114
Support, Collimator, Vertical Surv 8644326
Cover 533103-674ND
Blanket, Insulator 72511-305
Stereoplotter, Projection SERN0167T0306
Level, Surveying 75-0300AND78-0005
Integrator 2682265
Scale, Drafting 60-0618-1
Projector, Drawing 1000K
Reader, Coordinator GCR1820
Planimetric Compile PLANC0MP1
Coordinatograph 70DA4725
Pole, Range 81-1142
Scale, Drafting 56-3232
Tripod, Surveying 780005
Table, Drawing 45J102
Eyepiece Assembly, Telescope XT2-66
Clinometer, Elevation TB95
Stereoscope, Lens, Aerial Photogra AR42B
Clamp Assembly 3B50A
Comparator, Photogrammetric 7058
Sketchmaster, Aeroto 720413
Sunshade NT2-427A
Lever Lock Plate T21-33
Scale, Plotting 93539-000
Template, Drafting 1269I
Device, Optical Plumbing ZBL16
Trivet, Surveying Instrument XT21-103MIL

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