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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: Mar 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Mosaicking Section Topographic S 13225E3010
Point, Scribing Instrument 61-0052-2
Point, Scribing Instrument 61-0052-3
Level, Surveying 75 0020
Gad, Bull Point, Hand 8130-80
Bench Mark CFM-197A
Theodolite, Surveying 2129573-2
Tribrach 7311-35W
Bench Mark CFM-198A
Chart, Environmental 60-0031-1
Viewer, Stereoscopic Continuous S 72-0210
Table, Drawing 27J23
Tribrach Assembly 199-911
Case Assembly GVP3-00-00066
Support Set Topographic, Rectifie 13225E3008
Drafting Support Section, Topogra 13225E3004
Support Set Topographic, Storage 13225E3002
Support Set Topographic, Synthesi 13225E3014
Support Set Topographic, Analysis 13225E3012
Support Set Topographic, Survey S 13225E3006
Support Set Topographic, Division 13225E3017
Support Set Topographic, Maintena 13225E3007
Support Set Topographic, Operatio 13225E3001
Support Set Topographic, Compilat 13225E3005
Support Set Topographic, Informat 13225E3013
Support Set Topographic, Collecti 13225E3011
Case Assembly 316110
Cap, Tripod 3101-906
Hood Assembly GVP4-04000
Case, Shipping 316128
Transmitter, Adjustable Plane 445000
Tripod Leg Assembly C250-2
Tripod Bag 301873
Stereoscope, Lens-prism, Aerial Ph ZOOM 240R15/AA
Template, Drafting 316
Template, Drafting 55R
Template, Drafting 540R
Template, Lettering 3031
Surveying Instrument, Electronic 3800A
Parallel Ruler A-A-50212A
Transit 79-1
Triangle-protractor 78B005
Rod, Lenker 421400-01
Template, Drafting R-318
Template Set, Drafting 404A
Plotter 200
Scale, Optical Alignment 71-6003
Surveying Instrument, Electronic 3805A
Case Assembly, Transit 13218E3100
Projector, Vertical Reflecting, Ph ZT-4
Parallel Ruler 7263A
Clinometer, Elevation A MARK 5
Drafting Machine 3300-F
Cable, Parallel Ruling Attachment 7355
Triangle, Drafting 140502
Template, Drafting 43
Template Set, Drafting 8670G
Template, Drafting 2040
Template, Drafting 2030
Template, Drafting 1217I
Template, Lettering 3030B
Telescopic Transit Square 76RH-190
Extension, Plumb Bob 13218E3121
Level, Surveying A-A-52036B
Altimeter, Surveying 8010
Template, Drafting 1000M
Alidade, Surveying 580
Extension, Level 71-5050
Drawing Board 82S699
Level, Surveying AL-3
Integraph 49
Template, Drafting 1002C
Template, Drafting 403D
Template, Drafting 401D
Template, Drafting 101D
Rectifier Ii Section, Topographic 13225E3009
Distribution Section, Topographic 13225E3003
Bubble Vial Assembly 1138-40
Theodolite, Surveying T16-75-MIL
Cleaner, Ultrasonic 61 3125
Compass, Magnetic, Surveyor's 40-1300
Theodolite, Surveying DKM1
Alidade, Surveying A-A-50216
Surveying Set, Field Artillery Ba 5911272
Point, Scribing Instrument 7501-0000
Scale, Plotting P1600T
Surveying Instrument, Electronic DM-60-M1
Level, Surveying 2060
Position And Azimuth Determining 875015-1
Plate, Photo, Right 1213-2
Measuring Mark 1249-1
Surveying Set, Supplementary Equi SC6675-97-E64
Control Box Assembly 1060-1
Theodolite, Surveying MIL-T-52114
Platen, Stereo 904111-1
Level, Surveying AA52036IIA2
Theodolite, Surveying 6170
Scale, Plotting 11746805
Protractor, Circular 11736209
Template, Drafting 1204

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