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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: Mar 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Transit 5600-G1
Lens, Stereoscope 53-70-97-02
Case, Control And Display 877409-1
Readout, Segment M28803/1-EC
Scanning Unit, Optical-mechanical 1125-2
Carriage Assembly, Photographic 1144-2
Trans-illumination Device 1207-2
Measuring Mark Assembly 1209-2
Monocular Assembly 1210-2
Controller Unit, Digital 1000-2
Encoder 2096
Transit 71-1010
Surveying Instrument, Electronic 3810A-011
Scale, Plotting 332096-2
Tape Set, Punched Program 877419-4
Compass, Drafting, Pivot 55-1722
Template, Lettering 12
Pin, Adjusting, Surveying Instrume 13048214
Monit0r Assy, Power 13225E4382
Rectifier 72131754
Box, Surveying 197003
Console, Analyst L200015356
Calibration Set, Optical Surveyin ARS-1
Scriber, Lettering DATASCRIBE III
Printer Assembly TT-804/MYQ-4A
Horizontal Track, Drafting Machin 60 0341
Drafting Machine And Drawing Boa 60 0315/60 0331
Display Board, Fr P-1-2
Viewer, Stereoscopic Roll Film, Ph 240R/15AE OSI-1
Doppler Survey Set MX1502
Print Train Unit 3216-H11
Support, Collimator, Vertical Surv 8644322
Theodolite, Surveying K1-S-TYPE I
Gage Assembly T94529
Calibrator, Short Ra 270BN
Holder Assembly, Photogrametric 2088-1
Disk, Paper 1260-25
Scaler Board P-1-5
Light Grid D15498-2
Clinometer, Elevation 7579970
Personality Bd20503 P-1-4
Powder, Drum Clean CK-0429
Plotter, Graphics 7470A-002
Hood, Lt Concealing 394984
Case, Transit 1540-0663
Case, Transit 1540-0662
Prism 114561
Top, Glass 110303
Drive Board, Motor 15.019
Viewer, Stereo Zoom 53-70-25-05
Guide, Teflon 1260-39
Plate, Top C15948-1
Table, Drawing 13225E4435
Pmt 322-50-000
Module Assembly A326-00-124
Tack, Ball 101352
Tripod 8026-33
Range Finder, Opt 8031-31
Drafting, Measuring 43.04
Power Board 09872-60505
Chart Board Assembly 09872-60580
Sensor Board Assembly 07580-60116
Pin Punch Register 0510247
Printer, Subassembly 27-112
Level, Surveying 1820-2X
Support, Crt Frame A A000-05-018
Lens, Stere0, 2 0x 53-70-28-05
Frame Assembly A016-00-014
Integrator Assembly 47A273374G1
Template CSK-9-01733
Module, North Finding MX-18204/GSQ
Case, Operating 13225E3032-117
Zoom Stereoscope 53-70-96-02
Microscan 910563
Paper Sensor, Printed Circuit Ass 07580-60118
Carrousel Sensor, Printed Circuit 07580-60119
Level, Surveying 352 038
Inertial Measuremen 880900-0006
Plotter, Drafting 7580A
Plotter Points 9300-0957
Plotter Points 9300-0958
Plotter Points 9300-0959
Plotter Points 9300-0960
Level, Surveying 13030227
Distance Measuring Instrument, El AUTORANGER III
Surveying Instrument, Electronic 76-0507-1
Protractor, Bender BP-90
Tripod, Surveying 62028013-001
Theodolite, Surveying T16-.2 MIL
Surveying Instrument, Electronic RED-2L-SYSTEM#3
Surveying System, Distance Measur GTS-2
Rectifier 250688
Housing Assembly Li XT21-451-65
Transit TT-400
Strut, Staff Assembly 197002
Support, Range Pole 8078-90
Calculator, Keyboard, Slope Reduct SRC-3
Table, Drawing 64-0313
Reel Gammon Plumb B 101295

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