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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: Mar 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Scriber, Lettering STS-03
Press Plate Assembl 238140-001
Triangle, Drafting 38DA03L
Triangle, Drafting 38DA04E
Surveying Instrument, Electronic 410359
Data Terminal 417757
Triangle, Drafting 38DA-308
Triangle, Drafting 38DA01E
Template, Drafting 38FM-204
Template, Drafting 38FP-262
Pantograph 655427
Plate Key 533103-337
Cap Assembly-pressure Cartridge 11349-211-000
Pen, Lettering, Freehand 700-030-TP
Light, Signal White 142-0302-00
Motor And Gear Box 13200
Glass, Copyboard Pla FN1-4034-000
Counterbalance Assy 533103-183
Arm, Trailing, Right U-CE0176-1
Cable Assy 466903-2
Arm, Trailing, Left U-CE0176-2
Shield, Pressure Pl 533103-103
Table, Tracing, Drafting 99-9933
Gyro Wheel Assy 433702-01
Grid, Light C15473-1
Diffuser B14842-1
Grid, Light B14841-1
Template, Drafting 38FP-265
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates SK143310
Frame Assembly Base A000-04-118
Compass 8026-30
Theodolite, Surveying 428508
Cup, Damper 81A5034A0302
Plate, Pressure 72-2447
Stereo Zoom, Mod 13225E3645
Tribrach 314519
Footscrew 311707-68
Gyro And Case Assembly 81A5034A0200
Gyro Assembly 81A5034A0300
Case, Winterization 13218E3022
Theodolite, Surveying T2-83
Base, Mounting, Theodolite 6405858-1
Cone Setting Ring 8103
Pin, Register, Round 04250110
Cord Assembly 533103-635
Projector, Refl, Mod 13225E4561
Register Pin, 04325110
Case, Surveying Instrument 81-84
Level, Surveying RTDR2-SK
Controller, Drafting 302-00-00
Case, Delicate M91-229
Case, Delicate M-91-231
Head, Optical 530504-100
Template, Drafting 7355
Drafting Equipment Set, Company 1240T15
Table, Tracing, Drafting M7796
Handle, Scriber, Lett DSTS HANDLE
Scriber, Lettering STS-04
Scriber, Lettering STS.12
Scriber, Lettering STS-06
Printer Assembly H64746-3
Tangent Arm 11106
Channel, Plastic 040-28-002
Bearing Holder Cup 11118-1
Pin, Anchor 414-04-061
Encoder Assembly 75-1
Template, Drafting 89T
Level, Surveying PAL-2
Pen, Lettering, Freehand 3165-BX1
Pen, Lettering, Freehand 3165-BX0/.35
Target Set, Surveying 373758
Pad, Artwork S122
Protractor, Semicircular M276
Lens, Mono, 0.5x 537032
Trip, Bracket Roller 6069
Angle Connector 86198
Panel, Mount Right 014-05-135
Tangent, Knob 11107
Rectifier, Bridge 314-00-019
Scale, Area 934F731GP6
Cover, Shipping 81A5034A0735
Template, Drafting TD4000
Fountain Pen Set 3165-JDCS-9
Tracer, Needle 1260 NK
Lock, Horizontal 8300-1304
Lock, Vertical 8300-2007
Scale, Optical Alignment 71 6050
Scale, Optical Alignment 71 6055
Cover, Canvas, Instru 8300-2001
Cont Unit, 120v Map 53-05-59
Fork, Protractor 5408948
Housing, Protractor 5408949
Calibrator, Surface Plate 2,947,083
Transit TR300
Template, Head Cutter 65Q091
Platen, Stereoplotter Tracing Tab 103784
Printer, Thermal TP2000X32447
Pen Set, Lettering, Freehand 3165-SP7
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 101J4826-101

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