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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: Mar 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Time Sweep 774300754
Time Sweep 774300755
Pen, Pressure 775430032
Stabilizer, Recorder 775430072
Stabilizer, Recorder 775430130
Pantograph 51533-2
Lens And Retainer Ring, Stereomet BG177B
Carousel, Drafting P 5062-1576
Indicator, Height 8067-11L
Integrator 745-0169-003
Pantograph 51533-1
Scale, Drafting AP-35/12
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates PLT 02-E100
Plotting And Computing Set 7595B
Proportion Wheel 106C
Scale, Plate, Special 928E320PC.5
Transit 10-3250
Plotting Instrument Set, Stereopl CH5301
Scriber, Drafting 61-3002
Integrator 935778
Clinometer, Elevation 8025-75
Drafting Machine 612/4372-813LH
Target Set, Surveying 373796
Theodolite, Surveying 360-328T2
Plotter, Polar Coordinates 400064-69
Bag, Surveyor's 8300-1102
Protractor, Semicircular 1735AS328-1
Calibration Set, Optical Surveyin 71-7030
Drafting Machine 612,4372-814RH
Drafting Machine 612,3760-814LH
Drafting Machine 612,3760-813RH
Drafting Machine 612,3760-813LH
Clinometer, Elevation 23-2154M
Protractor, One Arm 70700-77213-045
Map Measurer 1111
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 5548435
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates HP7575A
Curve, Drafting, Irregular FC18
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 418-0006
Template, Front Cockpit 55842-40095
Drafting Machine 321-K600502
Drafting Machine 321-K600512
Case, Surveying Instrument 00010395
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates DMP-62
Lock, Protractor 9240-032-91
Spirit Level, Specia GEX0043
Lens, Focusing 308550
Plate, Scale 305002
Clamp, Vertical 353320
Pivot, Gyro 366550
Drive, Vertical 439562
Drive, Horizontal 439566
Clamp, Gyro 439568
Projector, Stereoplotter 37224641-002
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 5762167
Theodolite, Surveying PD02LEEG21
Protractor, Rectangular 526-5330348-5
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 4674438-0410
Cover, Drafting Tabl 64-1065
Cover, Drafting Tabl 64-1053
Cover, Drafting Tabl 64-1049
Cover, Leveling Rod 81-0990
Curve, Drafting, Irregular 57-1008-3
Curve Set, Drafting, Regular 57-2312
Curve Set, Drafting, Regular 57-2588
Curve Set, Drafting, Regular 57-2584
Plate, Witness 9240-032-24
Protractor 74D141001-1003
Compass, Drafting, Pivot 55-2672
Compass, Drafting, Beam 55-1806
Compass, Drafting, Beam 55-1060
Arrow Set, Surveying 83-0212
Arrow Set, Surveying 83-0227
Indicator, Height 5506SG5
Bar, Beam Drafting Compass 344292
Bar, Beam Drafting Compass 344293
Bar, Profile 344294
Screw, Adjustable 332393
Prism Assembly, Illuminating 341880
Tripod, Surveying 38663-01
Tripod, Surveying 38806-01
Case, Surveying Instrument 38946-01
Case, Surveying Instrument 38796-01
Utility Box 38942-01
Elevating Column 37525-01
Tripod Legs 38662-01
Quick Disconnect As 38699-01
Mabo Rod Assembly 39057-01
Mabo Rod Metric 34518-01
Adaptor 39056-01
Clinometer, Elevation 13803A0063
Scale, Area 2267F15PC20
Template, Lettering 35-019-01
Template, Lettering 35-342-03
Protractor, Digital KS5490
Tripod, Surveying 394752
Cover, Drawing-sketching Board VBC-44-5
Pen, Lettering, Freehand 3165-J-2.5
Pen, Lettering, Freehand 3165-J-3.5
Indicator, Height 22-82-0125

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