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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: Mar 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Board, Directional 90540
Board, Stabilizer 2C600-1
Board, Stabilizer 2C600-2
Counting Unit 106-507
Logic Board 1210-511
Board 1210-512
Matrix Driver 182-506
Gate Board 2C700
Input Gate 1210-514
Nixie Driver 2826-516
Oscillator Board 2C100
Board, Current Contr 2C500
Board, Trigger Pendu 2C400
Board, Dectector 2C300
Board, Generator Pul 2C900
Board, Pulse Shaper 2C800
Board, Amplifier 2C200
Case, Field Artillery Sound Rangi 8247396
Template, Drafting 10511082
Scriber, Drafting 601
Analytical Photogrammetric Posit APPS1
Carrying Case Assembly SK662400
Comparator, Photogrammetric 1350
Cable, Drafting Machine 7350
Plate, Pressure 4527
Cover, Waterproof 740635
Level Assembly, Circular 319099
Container Assembly NT1-893-894-895
Plotter, Navigational FAA61B
Plotting Assembly 159946PC3
Pencil Assembly, Plotting 159946PC4
Dividers, Drafting, Proportional 458GS
Stereoscope, Lens, Aerial Photogra FAA179
Needle And Case A10294
Magnifier, Zoom FAA185A
Vial Assembly T16-735T1A05020
Scale, Drafting 2192
Theodolite, Surveying M600
Theodolite, Surveying 23-302
Pin 29-68
Template, Lettering 3314517-4
Theodolite, Surveying MILT52035
Comparator, Photogrammetric 880
Scale, Plotting 221915PC1
Scale, Plotting 221942PC5
Scale, Plotting 221963PC2
Scale, Plotting 221963PC4
Scale, Plotting 221967PC1
Scale, Plotting 221967PC2
Scale 221972PC1
Scale 221972PC2
Scale, Plotting 223517PC7
Frame, Pencil, Plotter LD260619PC42
Power Zoom Assembly 53-70-25-02
Sight, Aligning F-59
Viewer, Stereoscopic Roll Film, Ph AR137A
Theodolite, Surveying T1AE
Trestle, Drawing Board GGD635
Jacob's Staff 80-0050
Theodolite, Surveying 10163815
Drafting Machine MILD3898TYPE1CLASS1STYLEA
Compass, Drafting, Pivot A-A-52034
Compass, Drafting, Pivot GGD600
T-square MIL-T-10629 TY1
Drafting Machine 60-0010
Pencil Assembly, Plotting 209229PC5
Bubble Vial Assembly 1138-60
Template, Drafting R-41
Transit Assembly SMC655591
Point, Reservoir Pen 62T000
Calibration Set, Optical Surveyin 99-7125
Arrow Set, Surveying 83 0222
Pen, Ruling, Draftsman's GG-P-133
Protractor, Semicircular A-A-52300
Protractor, Semicircular A-A-52300
T-square GG-T-711
Comparator, Photogrammetric 735F05
Planimeter D1806
Pen, Lettering, Scriber-template 61 0051-3
Pen, Lettering, Scriber-template 61 0051-0
Sun Shade 100.638.0000
Level, Surveying 6002F
Level, Surveying 372F
Level, Surveying 5003
Level, Surveying 5003F
Level, Surveying MILL3765
Alidade, Surveying MILA708
Alidade, Surveying 6220
Alidade, Surveying 5093A
Drafting Machine 2699
T-square A-A-843
T-square MILT10629TYPE1
T-square MILT10629
T-square 8076D
Protractor, Semicircular 71276
Drawing Board GGD635
Sketchmaster MILS10145
Triangle, Drafting GGT671-1
Triangle, Drafting A-A-843
Triangle, Drafting 31-2614

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