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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: Mar 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Template, Drafting 445094-1
Pad, Artwork D319
Surveying Instrument, Azimuth A-A-52565
Copy Holding Slide 33-147-00
Head Bracket Assembly 9240-032-88
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 6182 MODEL SE01
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 6180 MODEL SE01
Tripod, Surveying TRP-1
Digital Topographic Support Syst A3098406
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates A3106896
Transit G-586
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 7475AB
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates C1627A
Bracket, Fork Subassembly 9240-032-86
Drafting Machine 612 3760-814
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 52436
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 3951-788
Interface 17570A
Level, Surveying AT-G2A/TP-10
Transit, Pocket F2061
Protractor, Circular SWE18936-60
Template, Drafting 6227658
Pantograph 53231
Light, Signal, Surveying 411625
Light, Signal, Surveying 575725
Light, Signal, Surveying 394784
Pressure Plate, Lower, Multiplex R A-2313-P2
Pin, Adjusting, Surveying Instrume P83314-8802SS
Pin, Adjusting, Surveying Instrume 4057221P2
Pin, Adjusting, Surveying Instrume 4057221P3
Pin, Adjusting, Surveying Instrume 4057221P4
Surveying Instrument, Electronic 434902
Target Set, Case 424292
Target, Large Plate 367557
Pin, Adjusting, Surveying Instrume 4057221P1
Case, Surveying Instrument 441860
Target Set, Surveying 900-554
Needle Point, Drafting Instrument 4000A
Lift Arm Assembly Lh 07595-60153
Lift Arm Assembly Rh 07595-60170
Cam, Capper 07595-40097
Pen Pawl 07595-40045
Case, Surveying Instrument 441875
Case, Surveying Instrument 370480
Cover, Protective, Surveying Set 422444
Handle, Carrying Case, Surveying S 360665
Indicator, Height 101730-01419
Tube, Support, Drafting Machine 29-30
Arm, Radial 7199993
Case, Surveying Instrument 124-898
Theodolite, Surveying TH-01W
Light Table, Mensura 92001A0005
Survey Set, Geodetic 92001A0001
Magazine, Pens, Plotter 5061-7636
Magazine, Pens, Plotter HP5062-1576
Concrete Marker C4D
Support, Collimator, Vertical Surv 13222E2470
Surveying Set, Precise Leveling 92001A0002
Surveying Instrument, Electronic 92001A0003
Surveying Instrument, Electronic K150A107-01
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates 7596B
Holder, Lead, Lettering Set Scribe 2-920014016-001
Support, Collimator, Vertical Surv A395M798-01
Support, Collimator, Vertical Surv T104A676-01
Case, Field Artillery Topographic 9356051
Drafting Instrument Set 2-240044001-001
Transit 71-1013
Template, Drafting PWA70574
Template, Drafting PWA70558
Template, Drafting PWA70561
Template, Drafting PWA70565
Template, Drafting PWA70568
Template, Drafting PWA70571
Template, Drafting PWA7050577
Drafting Instrument Set 1-911154100-005
Indicator, Height 5035PP41
Theodolite, Surveying MIL-T-14132
Surveying Instrument, Electronic GEODIMETER 610
Surveying Instrument, Electronic GEODIMETER 640
Case, Surveying Instrument 443783
Protractor, Semicircular 856A1011G10
Guide, Hole Aligning 1342428
Scale, Drafting 342M
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates M83
Stereoscope, Lens, Aerial Photogra 53-70-25-06
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates JS526580
Theodolite, Surveying 559-514-26X
Case, Surveying Instrument M-PW-9005BB
Case, Surveying Instrument LN2BA20J20
Tripod, Surveying MT10
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates C2859A
Transit 7327-60
Nadirscope, Stereoplotter Tracing 11968609
Topographic Support Set EMG0416
Digital Terrain Analysis Mapping EMG0415
Stereoscope, Lens-prism-mirror, Ae 20569610
Protractor, Semicircular 17G140307-1
Tripod, Surveying PHFJ05G0016-1TD2
Plotter, Rectangular Coordinates DESIGNJET 200
Compass, Drafting, Beam 1809149-0

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