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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: Mar 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Indicator, Height 212-070-238-1
Clinometer, Elevation And Depress WK-23-2070
Digital Topographic Support Syst AN/TYQ-67(V)2
Digital Topographic Support Syst AN/TYQ-71(V)1
Digital Topographic Support Syst AN/TYQ-71(V)2
Laser, Sonic, Referenence System 44340-05
Sensor Assembly, Laser 42900-02
Surveying Set, Hydro PDFP-400
Laser Beacon Assemb 7100-22110
Tripod, Surveying 41078-01
Projector, Stereoplotter 537-6-900
Frame And Table Assembly, Stereop 709-11-000
Frame And Table Assembly, Stereop 709-11-020
Template, Lettering 35-336-03M
Template, Lettering 35-310-03M
Template, Lettering 40-366-020
Housing, Gage 6279-42512
Digital Topographic Support Syst AN/TYQ-67(V)3
Digital Topographic Support Syst AN/TYQ-124
Pole, Range 8078-41
Protractor, Circular 123-2425-04
Tripod, Surveying 7512-50
Table Assembly 6850001-833
Surveying Set, General Purpose 6440-05
Housing, Upper 509455
Cell Pack, Nicad 442149
Label, Instruction 727352
Sensor, Temperature 526069
Contact Bolt 509445
Label, Instrument 702921
Housing, Lower With 526071
Digital Topographic Support Syst AN/TYQ-67(V)4
Spectacles, Anaglyphic, Stereoplot STEREO-W-EYE
Surveying Instrument, Electronic 5601-AISI-T2
Chest, Surveying Equipment DL4824-1408AC
Template, Drafting 5425
Case, Surveying Instrument 02001 518
Indicator, Distance DISTO LITE 5
Adapter, Keyboard 370-2068-01
Platen, Stereoplotter Tracing Tab 380855-000
Platen, Stereoplotter Tracing Tab 968061-000
Platen, Stereoplotter Tracing Tab CE-15-20200-PLT-MTC-50-S
Platen, Stereoplotter Tracing Tab CE-15-11300
Platen, Stereoplotter Tracing Tab CE-151-0100
Platen, Stereoplotter Tracing Tab CE-15-20100-PLT-MTC-50-P
Tooling Set, Drafting Template, Sc 23055774
Transit 10-3200
Base Plate Assy 3441722
Digital Topographic Support Syst AN/TYQ-71A(V)1
Tribrach 571905560
Reflector, Geodimeter 571204610
Rod, Stadia P71560005MFT
Computer, Data Transfer Surveying P71560600
Surveying Instrument, Azimuth 7050004-9
Digital Topographic Support Syst AN/TYQ-67(V)5

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