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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: Mar 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Clinometer, Elevation 142/42
Tripod, Surveying 60-WDW20HV
Case, Surveying Instrument F3020
Cup, Leveling Screw SI-75-127
Pantograph T620406SUB7GP501
Template, Drafting R-20
Template, Drafting 18
Template, Drafting R-33
Template, Drafting R-714
Template, Drafting R-715
Hygrometer, Chemical 3065CH
Template, Drafting R-22
Needle, Lettering Pe 2162-7
Integrator D1-53
Transit 74-0110
Case, Engineer Battalion Drafting MILC3779
Theodolite, Surveying MILT14132
Spline, Plastic 2189
Plane Table, Surveying A-A-52001
Plane Table, Surveying MIL-P-10813
Planetable 18-5576-500-600
Scale, Plotting FAA-57
Template, Drafting 3240Y2-290
Template, Drafting 61-2300-140
Drawing Board, Illuminated, Portab 4
Protractor, Semicircular 8016738
Carrying Case, Tripod T101000-908
Clinometer, Elevation 142/44
Mounting Plate, Rheo 6061-107W2
Surveying Instrument 242-428
Alidade, Surveying 72
Reflector, Lamp Hous 531281-021
Retainer 531281-294
Curve, Drafting, Irregular 57-1600-20
Rosette, Telescope A G15183-96
Level Assembly 17608
Sunshade 18561
Tangent Screw Stem 19603B
Plug 19798
Lifter 22037
Head 30401
Lens Assembly, Objec A1029G1
Level Assembly 1071G1
Level 1098-G1
Cover, Vial 129063
Clip NT2-285
Level Assembly NT2-63
Cap T2-174
Pin, Surveying, Case Hardened 3A55
Housing, Light XT2-18
Screw XT2-20
Screw, Altitude XT2-21
Eyepiece, Telescope XT2-22
Screw XT2-23
Theodolite, Surveying MIL-T-52114
Cover, Sketching Board MIL-S-3720
Platen, Stereoplotter Tracing Tab 531494-185
Projector, Stereoplotter 53-12-81
Pen, Lettering, Scriber-template RP8468
Level, Spirit 60-711
Level, Spirit 60-713
Hood, Canvas 6061-146-0
Scale, Plotting MS39213-1
Scale, Plotting FNS4B
Scale, Plotting MS39215-1
Lens, Condenser 531271-025
Target, Surveying, Beacon MILB3510
Sketching Board MILS3720
Pen, Lettering, Scriber-template GG-L-256
Pressure Plate, Lower, Multiplex R 532367-027
Tracing Table, Stereoplotter, Proj MILT10540
Pen, Lettering, Scriber-template 610070-9
Worm Assembly 40-784
Leg, Base Plate 7012-105-1
Plate, Base NT2-151A
Plate, Spring NT2-152A
Mirror, Horizontal C NT2-60
Tripod, Sketching Board MILS3720
Chest, Map Filing D2917SH1
Contact, Hand Light EB134
Insulation, Hand Lig EB135
Lever, Hand Light EB139
Spring, Hand Light EB140A
Spring, Hand Light EB141
Lever, Hand Light EB142
Housing, Hand Light EB151
Tube, Hand Light EB152
Insulation, Hand Lig EB153
Socket, Battery Box EB55A
Socket, Optical Plum EB56A
Sleeve, Cable, Hand L HE4-79
Arm, Axle Bearing An NT2-100
Mount, Axle Telescop NT2-102-148
Prism, Axle Telescop 129159
Clamp, Axle Telescop NT2-104B
Clamp, Axle, Telescop 129164
Mirror Assembly, Axl NT2-107-108
Pin, Axle Bearing An 129170
Tube, Eyepiece Teles NT2-114
Tube, Eyepiece Telescope NT2-115A

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