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Drafting, Surveying, And Mapping Instruments - FSC 6675

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering And Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.
Last Modified: May 27, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tube, Reading Micros NT2-121
Lens Assembly, Readi NT2-122-23-24
Insulation, Alidade NT2-13
Drive, Alidade NT2-138A
Collar, Optical Plummet NT2-139
Stop, Collar, Optical NT2-140
Ring, Inde, Xeyepiece NT2-146A
Bearing And Housing NT2-155
Cover, Alidade 129057
Lens, Horizontal Cir NT2-207
Lens, Horizontal Cir NT2-208-209
Clamp Assembly, Hori NT2-221A222
Jaw, Horizontal Clam 129968
Lever, Horizontal Cl 129971
Pin, Horizontal Clam NT2-228
Housing Assembly, Vi NT2-24
Ring, A, Le Bearing A NT2-251
Sleeve, Cable, Alidad NT2-253
Bearing, Horizontal 129067
Spring, Horizontal L 129068
Collar, Ground Plate NT2-284A
Clip, Instrument, Acc XT2-12
Collar, Axle Bearing And Verical 129074
Mount, Axle Bearing NT2-35
Prism Assy, Vertical NT2-36B37
Band, Axle Bearing A NT2-38
Prism Assembly, Axle NT2-39-40
Circle, Vertical, Axle Bearing NT2-41A
Lens, Axle Bearing NT2-42
Lens Assembly, Axle NT2-43-44
Prism, Alidade 130083
Mount, Alidade 130085
Bearing, Alidade 130086
Spring, Alidade 130087
Mount, A, Le Bearing 129091
Mount, A, Le Bearing 129092
Lens, Objective Tele NT2-471
Housing, Objective T NT2-479
Spring, A, Le Bearing 129094
Lens, Eyepiece Teles NT2-481
Lens, Eyepiece Teles NT2-482
Mount, Eyepiece Tele NT2-483
Mount, A, Le Bearing 129095
Cover, A, Le Bearing 129096
Socket, Vertical Cir NT2-51
Insulation, Vertical 129100
Cover, Instrument NT2-549
Insulation, Vertical NT2-55
Contact Assembly, Ve NT2-57A56
Prism, Alidade NT2-6
Prism, Vertical Coll 129116
Prism, Vertical Coll 129117
Cover, Vertical Coll NT2-66
Prism, Vertical Coll 129119
Cover, Vertical Coll NT2-69
Prism, Vertical Coll NT2-70
Housing, Vertical Co NT2-71
Carrier, Vertical Co NT2-72
Mount, A, Le Bearing NT2-82
Bearing, Axle Bearin NT2-83A
Housing, Axle Bearin NT2-84
Prism, Axle Bearing NT2-85
Cover, A, Le Bearing NT2-86B
Wheel, Curve, Axle NT2-87B
Axle, Bearing And Mi NT2-88A
Housing, A, Le Bearin 129142
Mount, Axle Bearing NT2-91
Plate, Axle Bearing NT2-92
Mount, A, Le Bearing NT2-94
Prism Assembly NT2-95-415
Housing, Axle Bearin NT2-96A
Arm, Axle Bearing An NT2-99
Pad, Leveling, Screw 130373
Segment, Eyepiece, Te T1-418
Cap, Horizontal Clam 136065
Collar, Horizontal C T2-120
Segment, Horizontal 136067
Plate, Horizontal Ci 136068
Spring, Horizontal B T2-155
Lens, Axle Bearing 136043
Lens Assembly 136046
Prism, Optical Plumb T2-410
Lens, Optical Plumbi T2-411
Prism, Axle Bearing 136111
Lens Assembly, Optical Plummet T2-420-421
Mount, Optical Plumb 136136
Puffer, Horizontal L 136143
Spring, Optical Plum 136144
Puffer, Optical-plum 136146
Prism, A, Le Bearing T2-488
Tube, Optical Plumbing T2-492A
Mount, Horizontal Ci 136150
Tube, Horizontal 136151
Level Assy, Horizont XT2-33
Spring, Electric Lig T2-632
Sleeve, Cable, Optica T2-665
Drive, Horizontal Ci XT2-56
Level, Horizontal XT2-59
Head Assembly, Tripo XT2-75
Case, Instrument Accessory XT2-77

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