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Liquid And Gas Flow, Liquid Level, And Mechanical Motion Measuring Instruments - FSC 6680

Liquid Level Float Instruments; Revolution Counters; Speedometers; Rotation Measuring Instruments And Apparatus; Oxygen Flow Indicators; Tachometers, Including Engine Tachometers.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

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Transmitter, Liquid Quantity DHK-26/A24J-25(V)
Gage Rod-cap, Liquid Level 71-1A195
Gage Rod, Liquid Level 3462538
Counter, Rotating 30-157-1
Indicator, Sight, Liquid 42132-632
Counter, Rotating DC-3235
Indicator, Liquid Quantity 3635173
Counter, Rotating 4-4Y40929-405LAC
Cell, Salinity Indic 1CCN8SLV
Spring And Collet Assembly 1494963-0000
Transmitter, Liquid Quantity P5001A3
Float Assembly, Transmitter, Liqui 31830
Case Assembly 252500-902
Indicator, Sight, Liquid 95547-31
Counter, Electrical B46C8B3S8-178
Insert, Float Switch 27688
Transmitter, Liquid Quantity L5127S-3
Indicator, Shock Ov 280016-015C
Base Assembly, Indi 508-174-001
Base Assembly, Indi 508-175-001
Shaft Assembly, Flexible 6Z351D12
Parts Kit, Sight Indicator 173-101
Transmitter, Liquid Quantity L5127S-4-126778
Meter, Fluid Flow Indicating, Diff 025-26169A
Meter, Fluid Flow Indicating, Diff D4-224E005
Coil, Pickup, Flowmeter PC10-31G
Base Assembly 252502-901
Meter, Fluid Flow Indicating, Diff 19BFXXX0X30A4CXXXX01
Meter, Fluid Flow Indicating, Diff 19BCXXX0X74A5BXXXX01
Indicator, Sight, Liquid S52H
Counter, Rotating 743133-002
Power Distribution Unit, Indicato TW15-2061
Glass, Liquid Sight Indicator, Fla 3962K
Counter, Electrical B16C8CD-1
Tarot Assembly, Pyrometer H6100A-64
Generator, Tachometer SB7103B-1
Counter, Rotating 001490
Counter, Electrical 721400-203
Indicator, Sight, Liquid 810631G1
Indicator, Electrical Tachometer 12HT5A
Indicator, Sight, Liquid 2264197-1
Tape, Indicator Hydraulic A51H9089-2
Tape, Indicator Hydraulic A51H9089-1
Amplifier 127329
Counter, Electrical A51A9043-3
Counter, Special 1643-4-24VDC
Sensor, Tachometer, Dual 839-00154
Transmitter, Liquid Quantity A51A9009-29
Plate, Deflection, Liquid Level In 021-930359-05REVC
Diaphragm EL930-365BREVB
Indicator, Liquid Quantity 4487960
Counter, Rotating 3Y9992LSCL
Generator, Tachometer 2CM9ADE8
Sensor Assembly, Liq 051-007-001
Shaft Assembly, Flexible 446783C7 1-2IN
Tachometer, Electronic 701909
Gage, Liquid Quantity, Float Type C7076
Indicator, Liquid Quantity 301AB
Transmitter, Liquid Quantity 891421C1
Tachometer, Engine AR65445
Gage Rod-cap, Liquid Level 21534
Meter, Flow Rate Indicating 990C030H01
Glass, Liquid Sight Indicator, Fla MILG2860
Guide 463967
Tachometer, Electronic ST88
Indicator, Sight, Liquid M34N
Indicator, Liquid Quantity AT20175
Meter, Fluid Flow Indicating, Diff 02XHXXX0200A1AXXXX01
Plate, Mounting, Tachometer 2624689
Indicator 1205-1
Control Unit, Thermi 384301-003
Meter, Flow Rate Indicating MDL10A1227A
Meter, Fluid Flow Indicating, Diff 20BCXXX0300A1BBAXCL1
Counter, Rotating 3562
Connector Assy 61A91C5
Meter, Flow Rate Indicating 61A91D10
Transmitter, Liquid Quantity 215-33321-1
Transmitter, Liquid Quantity 215-33322-4
Transmitter, Liquid Quantity 215-33322-5
Transmitter, Liquid Quantity 215-33322-9
Meter, Hand, Oil Delivery 3685-1
Gage Rod, Liquid Level 106 412-A
Indicator, Liquid Quantity MC8455
Counter, Rotating M-896294-010
Gage Rod-cap, Liquid Level 9786E114-2
Gage Rod, Liquid Level M758A
Pressure Gage Assembly A733217
Indicator, Sight, Liquid S54H
Electrode Assy, Oute 439318-241
Meter, Flow Rate Indicating 10A2235-1-9
Indicator, Liquid Quantity 0100571
Cap, Insulating 344-4-302
Valve, Temperature Control 304282
Tube, Flowmeter 471079
Gage, Liquid Quantity, Float Type B8680L16
Gear Box Subassembly 392103
End Cap, Transmitter EA96131A1
Meter, Air Velocity 8100
Gage Rod-cap, Liquid Level 52001
Gage Rod-cap, Liquid Level 4318

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