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Combination And Miscellaneous Instruments - FSC 6695

Flow-pressure Instruments; Taximeters; Dynamometers.
Last Modified: Jun 25, 2019

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Sampler, Butter-cheese-lard MILS2607
Meter Movement 248734
Transducer, Motional Pickup 670943-103
Gage, Dry Thickness GR-6907
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 5040-0185
Indicator, Symbol Indicating SA102J256
Transducer, Motional Pickup 2224C
Indicator, Symbol Indicating SA103-13
Indicator, Symbol Indicating SA103-19
Transducer, Motional Pickup 66A97-C345
Gage A63-900
Gage, Adjusting 215-00123-4
Meter Movement MB001
Indicator, Symbol Indicating SA1104-321
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 120A20A
Panel, Indicator SB1084ARR52
Indicator, Symbol Indicating 8420103
Fastener, Tape SMB545041-2
Fastener, Tape SM-B-545041
Shield Assembly SM-C-601433
Potentiometer 145712-000
Transducer, Motional Pickup 11690136
Adapter, Gage 63A3C95
Meter Movement 245-001-0016
Jewel, Bearing MS27045-10
Indicator, Symbol Indicating CVC5848-2A
Indicator, Symbol Indicating CVC5848-3A
Transducer, Motional Pickup 20-21033901
Indicator, Symbol Indicating 10-0012-1820B
Indicator, Nozzle Position 10041
Indicator, Guide Van 10042
Transducer, Counting 24108-7
Transducer, Motional Pickup 3010HTB
Bezel, Instrument Mounting M21397
Gage, Altitude And Temperature, Di Y2002
Instrument C1TZ10876A
Indicator, Symbol Indicating SA1403-287L
Indicator Assembly 8239
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 10956259
Bezel, Instrument Mounting C3TZ11584A
Bezel, Switch 392805
Indicator, Symbol Indicating SA1403-23L
Indicator, Symbol Indicating SA1204-327L1
Light Conductor, Instrument Illum 8261870
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 143691-01
Bezel, Instrument Mounting
Calibration Set, Primary Referenc 6401
Panel, Indicator 217676R91
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 1270-1273
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 1270-1059
Light Conductor, Instrument Illum 8615911
Light, Instrument 10553412-1
Bezel, Instrument Mounting M0DEL0B
Light, Instrument 6695008544482
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 41-1003
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 149-85B
Transducer, Motional Pickup 4-118-0107
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 9180488
Movement, Meter 15-302270-3
Light, Instrument 4E14685
Transducer, Motional Pickup 344201
Transducer, Motional Pickup DT29ZUSM188
Indicator, Symbol Indicating 2703-18L
Gage, Injector Rack 3328258
Jewel, Bearing P1322
Jewel P1321
Panel, Indicator 1755359
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 124G481-5
Modification Kit, Instruments And 35200C35199B
Indicator, Symbol Indicating 2803P426L5U
Meter, Indicating, Gy 1804220-1
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 137516-01
Indicator, Symbol Indicating P100M4-1
Probe, Leak Detector LC5TAF
Detecting And Tracing Set, Metal LC5TAF
Polygraph, First Audio Stage 25
Refractor, First And Second 16
Transmitter Stage, Projector 21
Gage, Bearing 73714-02X1PC12
Hydrometer Set 11-582
Case, Indicator 141324-01
Transducer, Motional Pickup LMT33606
Indicator Assembly 13A1150
Transducer, Motional Pickup 3015HTB
Transducer, Motional Pickup 56124-1
Indicator, Position KT427567-3A
Meter Movement 557900-017
Transducer, Motional Pickup 4-311-0-25PSIG
Gage, Oil Temperature W48120
Meter, Resistance BH2825
Housing, Indicator 22-2D
Gage, Pressure 601377S02BXTISA0-1000
Gage, Pressure 181-069-87
Nut, Balance 166754-901
Indicator, Three Position CVC5848-5A
Transducer, Motional Pickup 412X5P2
Transducer, Motional Pickup 431-66B2
Indicator, Symbol Indicating 503984
Indicator, Symbol Indicating 503985
Tester, Torque, Angle 123T297

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