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Combination And Miscellaneous Instruments - FSC 6695

Flow-pressure Instruments; Taximeters; Dynamometers.
Last Modified: Sep 22, 2018

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Recorder, Frequency-time S22243-1B
Bezel 981400-01
Calibration Equipme 7917012
Gage, Protrusion 1276-97-466
Gage, Firing Pin 5521278
Cleaner, Instrument, Portable 3646-1-104
Transducer 1332GC3
Bezel, Display 920-00
Transducer, Motional Pickup 086-111-0088
Meter, Sonic D-718-04 ITEM 4
Transducer, Motional Pickup 887253-1
Plate Flowmeter 5550540 ITEM 3
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 2789802-1
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 981400-06R
Meter Movement 77210001-01
Meter Movement 77210002-01
Gauge S-311
Rod 7913110
Transducer, Motional Pickup 2025004105
Transducer, Motional Pickup T-5221-XX
Meter Movement 482-5032-000
Gage, Altitude And Pressure, Dial 42F
Gage, Altitude And Pressure, Dial 51F
Gage, Altitude And Pressure, Dial FIGURE 23D
Transducer, Motional Pickup 41GP21EJ1G3A
Panel, Indicator 12299797
Retainer-gage 4592693-1
Holder, Magnetic 980
Meter Movement 10-6946
Bladder, Acoustical Filter 2621-713-12
Detector, Oil Film, Water Surface E250
Transducer, Motional Pickup A8001042
Transducer, Motional Pickup 70901-02907-104
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 3011
Sampler, Liquid 0332-0118
Sampler, Liquid PER-400
Meter, Ultrasound Power UPM-30
Positioner, Electro 13335434
Bezel, Instrument Mounting A314A251-01
Indicator, Readout 761-5221-B-328-2
Shocker, Programmable Level COULBOURN INSTRUMENTS INC E13-35
Meter Movement 20215010-026
Attenuator Set 7916817
Sampler, Liquid 16A24327-1
Sampler, Air Particulate 800016/800015
Torque Sensor, Reaction 2102-1K
Sampler, Liquid 7672A
Register, Meter MODEL 7887
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 710814-2
Regulator, Gage, Special R7464AKRMG
Detector, Electronic 124050S
Board Assembly 190-426
Decelerometer SA-ALC/MME-13
Calibration Fixture 7915877
Calibration Fixture 7915858
Power Standard Assembly 7916124-3
Power Standard Assembly 7916124-2
Power Standard Assembly 7916124-4
Power Standard Assembly 7916124-7
Power Standard Assembly 7916124-6
Power Standard Assembly 7916124-5
Cushion Insert 7916257
Cushion Insert 7916125
Power Standard Set 7916256
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 41954
Case, Carrying Calib X40787
Indicator Fault BHGD21T6RW
Transducer, Motional Pickup 2053161029
Light, Instrument B6610C3
Transducer, Motional Pickup 112614-A
Transducer, Motional Pickup 30111-00
Power Standard Assembly 7916124-1
Transducer, Motional Pickup 3876017-2
Transducer, Motional Pickup 817-1102
Transducer, Motional Pickup TR-322/A
Housing, Indicator T314012702
Light, Instrument KP38R6
Accelerometer 35546
Dynamometer, Special MODEL AP 10IN DIAL 0-2000LBS
Transducer, Motional Pickup T5109
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 4038075-902
Meter Movement 129520
Test Set, Calibratio MIS-35128
Flow Meter In Line 18Z10SZ9WF93JROTOR
Sampler, Liquid 2100
Gage, Bore Plug, Fleet 5525094
Isolator Matched 418434
Test Kit, Toxic Substancey 508-06
Penetrameter, Wire 5206250
Housing And Bracket Assembly 14E38-3
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 01-01158
Receiver-transmitter, Radar 300C
Transducer, Motional Pickup 725262
Meter, Illumination Intensity 740A
Gage, Alignment 1014-B207 PC AG2
Gage, Alignment 1014-B207 PC AG-1
Transducer, Motional Pickup 461360-02-01
Meter, Illumination Intensity 7301-4
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 200-1218-00
Final Sensor Assembly 00808-0051-0003

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