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Combination And Miscellaneous Instruments - FSC 6695

Flow-pressure Instruments; Taximeters; Dynamometers.
Last Modified: Dec 14, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Sensor Assembly, Mou 00817-0068-0001
Thermometer 4-7881-1CP
Light, Instrument 28-8407
Case, Indicator 131179
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 20925-01
Transducer, Motional Pickup 09-20255-14
Transducer, Motional Pickup 263500601-0001
Transducer, Motional Pickup 1PT-1-812-300SW
Transducer, Motional Pickup 3315336
Disk, Electronic 617571
Light, Instrument 2024-0034
Transducer, Motional Pickup 50-472703HFAC1
Transducer, Motional Pickup ETM-1
Ratchet And Pinion 70813-1
Sensor Shaft Assemb 10E000012-1
Repair Kit, Bellows H-279
Transducer, Motional Pickup 9106-3
Meter Movement S-9-1
Transducer Assembly, Linear, Valve 184913
Bezel, Instrument Mounting AM11085
Transducer, Motional Pickup 91GP11-3
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 530-1049-01
Meter Movement 559-1008-02
Meter Movement MMS-128
Wedge And Artwork 121-M44-00423-1
Calibrator, Pressure 1127-2
Housing, Indicator 911584-801
Slave Unit, Brake, Wa S2
Bezel 351-32300-002
Transducer, Motional Pickup 02396
Calibration Set, Primary Referenc 6680-805
Bezel, Instrument Mounting S624-0166
Bezel, Instrument Mounting S624-0163-Z
Transmitter, Temperature 74B548017-105
Transducer, Motional Pickup 2100136-1-4
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 0275.0044.C
Transducer, Motional Pickup 268190-1005
Transducer, Motional Pickup 2046964-1
Transducer, Motional Pickup 2022620-1-1
Detecting And Tracing Set, Metal 480
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 1499-0111-2
Cable Assembly B139-504A
Cable B139-507-2
Cable, Interconnecti B139-947-1
Cable, Power 5440002
Extender Board 2020041
Cable Assembly 180-75-3
Cord, Power 68-21
Cable Assembly 1585-2001
Transducer, Motional Pickup 58426
Cable B180-77-1/B
Insert, Meter 845-2181268PC6
Transducer, Motional Pickup 1000DC-D-0853
Meter Movement 0961-0545
Vane, Variable 791510-1
Calibration Set, Secondary Transf 400B
Dynamometer, Vehicle Chassis, Sing 17-700-CP/823
Gage, Rigging 13025008
Register, Meter 667-05-501-01
Transducer, Motional Pickup 41GP46G-3-1000G
Transducer, Motional Pickup 41GP46G-2-8HGD
Bezel, Instrument Mounting M3328
Gage, Pressure, Dial 3T319206042
Transducer, Motional Pickup LM6-Q0602
Meter Movement 853-013-001
Mask, Dial Frame 130481
Meter Movement 126617
Transducer, Motional Pickup S980-0001-4-PDT-B-SG-GW-0-10 PSI
Indicator, Hook Load 453315
Bezel 04-76
Torgue Tstr500oz In 100/500OI
Torgue Tstr2000lbin 250-2000PI
Module Line Power C 02-9822-03
Ore Tool 02-9256-00
Tool Differential T 02-9559-00
Cablehead 04-9705-00
Cablehead 04-9603-00
Cup Cable 04-9705-24
Cone Cable 04-9705-28
Connector Assy 04-9715-35
Nut Quick Change 04-9705-22
Scope 01-3000-610
O Ring 15-5682-52
Calibration Set, Primary Referenc 58313-61040
Diagnostic Unit 4300B-1
Interface Module 4300B-3
Bridge, Gage CV9-S4101-186 ALT-5 PC3
Bridge, Gage CV9-S4101-186 ALT-5 PC2
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 126607-80
Gage, Pusher Air Control 3WB171
Gauge, Read-write Se 29-18610-00
Gauge, Reel, Read-wri 29-18608-00
Control, Switch U23235
Probe, Irradiance J6512
Probe, Irradiance J6502
Connector B139-793
Transducer, Motional Pickup 16530
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 553-00-030501031
Housing, Indicator 476-001-627
Leak Detector, Roof 3216

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