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Combination And Miscellaneous Instruments - FSC 6695

Flow-pressure Instruments; Taximeters; Dynamometers.
Last Modified: Dec 15, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Transducer, Motional Pickup 263509801-0002
Bezel, Open Ring 600398-001
Transducer, Motional Pickup 861DD6
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 3091AS901-49
Meter, Illumination Intensity GSE 33 00312
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 81-009
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 5224081-1
Bezel, Window Mounting PL600311 ITEM 17
Bezel, Window Mounting PL600311 ITEM 18
Transmitter, Position 802850
Transducer, Motional Pickup 600-9
Indicator, Position 364260-7
Transducer, Motional Pickup 922684-1
Bezel, Glass 2-402157-1
Transducer, Motional Pickup XD1-02
Panel, Indicator KFG7237-1
Regulator, Pressure Assembly KD7704-2
Input, Pressure KR7313-1
Cover Assembly, Calibration KBA7302-1
Latch Assembly, Calibration KG7925B
Enclosure Assembly, Calibration KAJ7125-1
Transducer, Motional Pickup 41GP21ES30G1-4A2(MOD)
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 35623
Interferometer PD06WRBZOENI18
Optical Head Assy 5939420
Light, Instrument REPAIR PART
Panel, Indicator H8406
Panel, Indicator 808389
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 790198-1
Panel, Indicator 400235
Panel, Indicator 400233
Panel, Indicator 400239
Panel, Indicator 400241
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 209161
Micrometer, Electronic, Mutual Ind TMU-42553/30
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 0277-0018B-1
Panel, Indicator 400243
Modification Kit, Instruments And SP-773-R
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 138092PC2
Indicator Assembly 964-014410-100
Panel, Indicator 400249
Panel, Indicator PL900243
Meter Movement EV6121-220
Transducer, Motional Pickup 339P0259-61030 ITEM 87
Sampler, Liquid A0-06-2728
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 438-6725841-119
Transducer, Motional Pickup IMS03136
Transducer, Motional Pickup REPAIR PART
Torque Sensor 1476AS290-1
Transducer, Motional Pickup 6222S-100A
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 611124-001
Transducer, Motional Pickup 5910197
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 179667752-00
Bezel, Instrument Mounting KBD392-1
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 5N72PC3
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 611126-001
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 611126-003
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 611155-001
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 611125-001
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 901-372-204-101
Transducer, Motional Pickup 901-375-874-101
Transducer, Motional Pickup 901-375-876-101
Transducer, Motional Pickup 901-375-909-101
Indicator, Position 581-6405751 AHCA FIND C3
Indicator, Position 595-6401650-1
Calibration Set, Primary Referenc 950-5197
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 8523090
Transducer, Pressure, Fluid-hydrau 2029AS892-20
Transducer, Pressure, Fluid-hydrau 2029AS892-30
Calibration Set, Primary Referenc RGA-9628
Transducer, Pressure, Fluid-hydrau 2029AS892-40
Transducer, Pressure, Fluid-hydrau 2029AS892-10
Control, Indicator 400229
Membrane, Indicator PL900235 IT4
Oxygen Sensor Sub 466324
Panel, Indicator CSB7B-0D-0-1.5E-4
Panel, Indicator CSB15R-OD-01.5E-4
Panel, Indicator CSB15B-0D-0-1.5E-10
Control, Recorder 97531
Panel, Indicator 12365167
Measuring Set, Light Intensity 270-2532-010
Panel, Indicator E-1107
Dynamometer, Weight Indicator, Cra MSI7200DYNALINK
Control, Indicator 5L6027-22
Control, Indicator A02ES120-23
Transducer, Motional Pickup 2014MC3D
Interferometer J9LP
Panel, Indicator 1505-4110-001
Transducer, Motional Pickup 3588-PAN7
Transducer, Motional Pickup 4044-PAN7
Panel, Indicator IC/M20X2(3W)-NR
Panel, Indicator IC/M10X2(3W)-NR
Transducer, Motional Pickup C11257
Transducer, Motional Pickup 1981337-25
Transducer, Motional Pickup 23060248
Transducer, Motional Pickup 23058837
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 30060207-0505
Transducer, Motional Pickup 23053457
Test Device, Fuel In 107.124.876.201
Bezel, Instrument Mounting 63C518920P10

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