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Photographic Projection Equipment - FSC 6730

Screens; Viewers; Photomap Projectors; Integrated Viewers/printer And Microform Storage And Retrieval Systems.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Screen, Projection 777-0101
Mirror, Scan, Mounting Assembly 540-0032
Screen, Projection MODEL B
Lens, Fresnel 78-8704-4814-5
Projector, Still Picture AV900
Microfiche Kit 78-8000-1900-8
Sprocket Assembly 012654
Line Cord Assembly 010222
Turret Assembly SMC446670
Ramp 205357
Stop 204550
Glass, Heat 406000-2
Leg, Projector 077425
Projector, Still Picture 12300
Leader Assembly, Film To Reel 462-0001
Heater Assembly 78-8003-7946-9
Roll Assembly 78-8008-9918-5
Bed, Cutter 78-8005-0053-6
Knife, Paper 78-8005-0052-8
Cover, Canvas, Screen COVER52X70INCASE
Continuous Loop Att TSIRA3
Glass, Viewing Scree VIEWINGGLASSM0DELV16
Wick Assembly, Oil 14196
Pivot, Starting Leve 19171
Viewer, Still Picture PANAVUE1R
Projector, Still Picture MMETA72-3
Shaft, Sprocket 29590
Shuttle, Doubletooth 8933
Screen, Projection 504620
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 09551
Lens, Aspheric Illum 509563
Motor-pot Assembly 401-08413-01
Mirror, Photographic Projector 7169474P1
Mirror, Photographic Projector 7169474P2
Plate, Pressure 48022
Viewer, Still Picture 9922
Tray, Slide, Photographic AV680
Film-card Readers PFC58-7692
Pulley Assembly, Idler 664-0046
Projector, Still Picture CAR0USEL550
Shaft Assembly 10537
Drum, Camera Mount 10548
Dial Assembly, Hori 10101
Glass, Diffusing 5220357-1
Line Receiver 5220612-501
Belt 70125
Platen Assembly, Up C414009
Platen Assembly, Lo C414006
Glass, Special 360-0003
Viewer, Still Picture AR157A
Die, Cutting, Upper 78-8017-9839-4
Die, Cutting, Lower 78-8017-9840-2
Blade, Cutting 78-8017-9841-0
Lens Attachment, Pho 41-77-03
Projector, Still Picture IMAGEMASTER I
Slide, Film Guide 50136
Rail, Straight Film 50134
Clamp Assembly, Rear 52035A
Clamp Assembly Fron 52029A
Projector, Motion Picture, Sound 42551G1
Projection Set, Motion Picture, So AS25A
Switch-harness Assembly 78-8012-3011-7
Microfiche, Holder 78-8000-2718-3
Monitor Assy, Fourte 3049400
Projector, Motion Picture, Sound 545EX
Viewer, Still Picture EKTALITE140READER
Film Projector 43150G7
Cam Shaft 012429
Link Assembly, Proje 011218
Loop Form Assembly 011233
Cam Follower Assemb 011249
Bracket Assembly, Pr 012428
Rail, Film Guide 36064
Rail, Film Tension 37293
Spring, Tension 38162
Roller, Film 35840
Roller Film 36082
Arm. Film Reel CP03980
Kit, Clutch Assembly 013390
Bracket Assembly, Be 09721
Aperture Plate Suba 012132
Sprocket Assembly, T 012121
Mirror, Photographic Projector 9015
Viewer, Still Picture MILV80240
Adapter, Power Cord 38435P1
Plate Assembly 39122G2
Cartridge, Sound Opt 38431P1
Guide, Supply Reel 39153P1
Hub Assembly 39105G2
Lever, Control 38212
Liner, Take Up Clutc 39203
Plunger, Arm 42897P1
Pivot Assembly, Claw Arm 38458G2
Sprocket Assembly, Film 38261G1
Roller Assembly, Film Guide 44771-P1
Rod Assembly Elevat 38207G1
Motor Assembly Blow 38414G4
Stop, Rewind Lever 39152P1
Pad Assembly, Lubric 39002G1
Gear Assembly, Feed 39115G1

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