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Training Aids - FSC 6910

Mockups; Cutaway Models; Scale Models; Training Films; Training Aid Maps; Navigational Training Aids; Flight Instrument Training Aids; Aircraft Instrument Training Aids; Vehicle Training Aids; Engine Instrument Training Aids; Hydraulic System Training Aids; Cutaway, Mockup, Or Sectionalized Ammunition Only; Training Equipment Normally Used In Classroom Training.
Last Modified: Dec 02, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Simulator, Wound 1000864
Mouth Barrier, Manikin, Resuscitat AA1880
Chart Set 14326
Training Aid, Individual Equipmen MIL-PRF-32041
Head, Infant, Manikin AA-1870
Lungs, Infant, Maniki AA-1862
Manikin, Resuscitation Training AA-1845
Training Aid, Aircraft Oxygen Sys 289-1030
Training Aide, Injection, Arm, Whit AB-950
Training Aide, Injection, Arm, Blac AB-951
Suture Practice Arm AB-1075
Record, Disk ICS10150
Chart, Aircraft Equi 856A1364G02
Instructor Station 46490685
Training Aid, Breech Block 18031103-9
Battery Assembly, Training 22751002-9
Training Aid, Breech Block 22751007-9
Training Aid, Power Supply 12982795
Training Aid, Rocket Launcher AM6001B
Training Set, Chemic 5-4-8011-1
Trainer, Analog-digital Circuit D ME-9452
Trainer, Analog-digital Circuit D ME-6800
Training Aid, Physical Optics OS-8515
Trainer, Analog-digital Circuit D ES-9070
Training Set, Instructional SP-9288
Training Set, Instructional EM-8620
Training Set, Instructional SF-8617
Training Set, Instructional ME-8950A
Training Set, Instructional OS-8501
Training Set, Instructional SE-9625
Training Set, Instructional ME-9202C
Rifle, Training Aid 7405
Manikin, Rescue, Combat 1434
Training Aid, Skin Decontaminatin EA-PRF-2206
Manikin, Resuscitation Training 310055
Model, Anatomical PS-0900
Training Aid, Cartridge, 105 Milli 51143
Test Kit, Iq 01-0510
Repair Kit, Training Aids And Dev 87012A9760
Answer Key, Basic Scales Hand Sco 01-0625
Answer Keys, Supplementary Hand-s 01-0626
Answer Keys, Content Scales Hand 01-0627
Answer Keys, Content Component Sc 01-0628
Manikin, Resuscitation Training 01-0620
Manikin, Resuscitation Training 01-0621
Mouth Barrier, Manikin, Resuscitat 01-0622
Training Kit, Selectable Lightwei 12999039
Simulator Assembly, 13213115
Display Unit, Head-up 0003565
Console, Quad Throttle 0003600
Console, Steering Stand 0003510
Console, Engine Status Control 0003520
Helm, Mechanical Assenbly 0003025
Panel, Course And Speed 0003690
Training Aid, Aircraft Instrument 895555-1N12
Training Kit, Atropen Injector FPGB
Training Aid, Cpr Pistons 02-0647
Training Set, Reagent Reaction 3832
Training Aid, Shotgun 07401
Trainer, Submarine Attack 309001-1
Training Aid, Reactive Skin Decon 03-0882
Training Subsystem, Display-debri 285410-1
Manikin, Training, Diver's 1326
Training Subsystem, Display-debri 285405-1
Simulator, Patient 03-0975
Training System, Automatic Extern 6515NCM031005
Mission Replay Anal 6250-93000-1
Trainer, Submarine Attack 312200/1
Training Aid, Small Arms Weapon 1002551
Manikin, Resuscitation Training AA1855
Training Aid, Small Arms Weapon 99999701314
Training Aid, Simulated Blood AS225
Satellite Simulator 718340703
Moulage, War Wound 6801
Moulage, War Wound 6807
Moulage, War Wound 6725
Moulage, War Wound 219
Moulage, War Wound PP2159
Moulage, War Wound 230
Atomizer, Mist Spray, Makeup 839
Training Aid, Makeup-effect Found 233
Training Aid, Makeup-effect Found 854
Palette, Makeup AS834
Moulage Set, War Wounds PP3570
Training Aid, Makeup-effect Found 231
Training Aid, Makeup-effect Found 847

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