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Training Aids - FSC 6910

Mockups; Cutaway Models; Scale Models; Training Films; Training Aid Maps; Navigational Training Aids; Flight Instrument Training Aids; Aircraft Instrument Training Aids; Vehicle Training Aids; Engine Instrument Training Aids; Hydraulic System Training Aids; Cutaway, Mockup, Or Sectionalized Ammunition Only; Training Equipment Normally Used In Classroom Training.
Last Modified: Oct 18, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Training Aid, Eye Hu 9431
Training Aid, Ear Hu 9432
Training Aid, Head H 9470
Training Aid, Aviato 9H11
Training Aid, Aircra 6FT1A
Training Aidx Aviat 9H10
Sonar Classificatio 4E1
Transparencies, Air 22DD2
Trainer, Electronics 6B17A92372
Trainer, Electronics 6B17A92373
Naval Electronics A 6B17A92374
Naval Electronics A 6B17A32375
Naval Electronics A 6B17A93601
Naval Electronics A 6B17A93602
Naval Electronics A 6B17A93603
Naval Electronics A 6B17A93604
Training Aid, Electronic Circuit 6B12B
Trainer, Control Mon 18A12C
Refrigeration And Air Conditioni 9501
Autotutor MARKIII
Training Aid, Whirligig 10
Training Aid, Rescue Dummy DUMMY-ADULT
Training Aid, Logic Laboratory 5035T
Training Aid, Student Response Le MARK 9
Training Device, Sergeant Rocket N0111
Training Aid, Transistor Circuit T-902-A
Training Aid, Refrigeration And A TS21CT
Training Aid, Test Equipment, Refr MDL9600
Training Aid, Woodworking, Tool St TS10CT
Trainer, Lesion Generator RFG4
Training Aid, Electrical Tool Sto TS13CT
Computer Digital Training Aid 1700-DCS
Resuscitation Training Device DML-01-04
Charging Assembly, Trainer A768-255-30
Charging Assembly, Trainer A768-255-2
Training Aid, Nozzle Flow N0116
Training Aid, Turbine System G2777/8163
Training Aid, Oscillator, Audio 203
Training Aid, Turbine 7TDP3119AAA1
Training Aid, Space Shuttle Model SP-SH1/50
Shifting Lever A315183
Shaft 177515
Shaft 325522
Stator Assembly, Wound 184387
Controller 695372
Repair Kit R772316
Launch Tube, Simulated, Inner 68D091653-2011
Training Aid, Closed Cycle Engine MDLSE-1
Launcher Foot 68D091653-2001
Shaft, Varidrive 43217
Shaft, Varidrive B43378
Training Aid, Physic EL141
Training Aid, Oscilloscope 207
Training Aid, Physic EL140
Training Set, Chemical Agent Iden D5-77-2350
Compass, Training, Dummy ES370
Battery Assembly, Tr 11509634
Microprocessor Learning Course E LCM1001-2-3-4
Training Aid, Tapmas TAPMASTER
Manikin, Thoracic Cross Section XA-209
Moulage Set, Simulated Injury 816
Index Assembly 68D091659-2007
Manikin Section, Radiology Traini XA-201/XA-209
Manikin, Lower Torso XA-217
Training Aid, Universal Display B 277-108
Stress Opticon 920-000-019
Trainer, Freezer 181872
Amplifier Designer DA-2
Training Aid, Photodetector 60-255
Experimenter Trainer, Heathkit Di ETW3200
Training Aid, Human Joints S17134
Training Aid, Casualty Simulation 52001R
Training Aid, Digital Microproces ET-3400
Training Aid, Voice Communication 60-247
Trainer-simulator 40/72
Keyboard Display, Trainer 70-A
Plate, Caster 10164MB
Electronic Voice Key 17222
Hypodermic Auto-injector, Demonst 8-324
Training Aid, Tunnel Module 36710
Manikin, Resuscitation Training T-201
Training Aid, Analyzer, Cardio Pul T-203
Simulator, General DVC01-122
Simulator, General DVC20-07
Trainer, Aerial Obse DVC01-77
Trainer, Cockpit Pro DVC01-98
Trainer, Helicoper DVC01-103
Simulator, General DVC01-10
Record, Tape 907002001
Record, Tape 907003001
Record, Tape 907004001
Record, Tape 907014001
Record, Tape 907016001
Record, Tape 907017001
Record, Tape 907018001
Record, Tape 907019001
Record, Tape 907020001
Record, Tape 907021001
Record, Tape 907022001
Record, Tape 907023001

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