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Training Aids - FSC 6910

Mockups; Cutaway Models; Scale Models; Training Films; Training Aid Maps; Navigational Training Aids; Flight Instrument Training Aids; Aircraft Instrument Training Aids; Vehicle Training Aids; Engine Instrument Training Aids; Hydraulic System Training Aids; Cutaway, Mockup, Or Sectionalized Ammunition Only; Training Equipment Normally Used In Classroom Training.
Last Modified: Dec 10, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Channel Selector, Tacan 907045106-009
Simulator, T-700 Eng DVC1-105
Training Device, Intravenous 146
Manikin Head And Torso, Cardiopul 150023
Laboratory 1035TBL
Training Unit 1017S
Demo Board, Chassie 400963
Switch Assembly, Training HS070D5434-11
Training Aid, Microprocessor Repa 5036A
Simulator, Truck Dri 90000-501
Training Aid, Centripetal Force A 0930
Film, Photographic, Processed 54174-40003-40
Film, Photographic, Processed 54174-40003-70
Film, Photographic, Processed 54174-40003-80
Training Aid, Skin Decontaminatin D5-77-2367
Refill Kit, Training;m58a1 MIL-R-51472
Model, Aircraft 76A140024-1001
Model, Aircraft 76A140022-1001
Model, Aircraft 76A140022-1003
Model, Aircraft 76A140023-1001
Trainer, Loadmaster Fuselage C130LTS
Training Aid, Aircraft Electrical 7827340-100
Model, Anatomical 81W3199
Model, Anatomical 81W3198
Model, Anatomical 81W0840
Model, Chicken 56-5200
Model, Arthropod 56-4641
Model, Dna Molecule Construction 81W4747
Model, Arthropod 56-4550
Model, Anatomical 56-6717
Model, Anatomical S17155A
Model, Anatomical S17101
Loadmaster Trainer C141LTS
Trainer, Resident-bomb Navigation 675-80450-501
Model, Anatomical 56-6716
Training Aid, Aerial 4029030
Trainer, Electro-optical Viewing 675-80475-503
Training Aid, Electronic Circuit CES380-80
Reservoir Assembly, Simulated Blo 229
Manikin Head And Torso, Cardiopul AA6024
Model, Anatomical 24-7080
Modular Staging Sys UNI-SET
Training Aid, Electronic Circuit 130
Training Aid, Aircraft Electrical 232-20384-2
Training Device, Bri 5-19
Model, Aircraft 76A140027-1003
Model, Aircraft 76A140020-1001
Model, Aircraft 76A140020-1003
Model, Aircraft 76A140027-1001
Trainer, Bomb-navigation System M 675-80001-505
M1 Turret Trainer A 914000100
Suppressor ECQJ0187A
Suppressor, Trainer ECQJ0187
Panel Assembly, M1 T 914100000
Panel Assembly, Bclr 914102000
Panel Assembly, M1 T 914101000
Panel Assembly, Tran 914107000
Panel Assembly, Engi 914106000
Panel Assembly, Hull 914105000
Training Equipment, Motorcycle Te 5000-180-02
Training Aid, Fire Alarm System 700-023-00
Paper, Recording, Manikin, Resuscit 205000
Simulator, Aircraft 50001970
Test Lung, Respiratory Training 1600
Chart 680003-265
Simulator, Electrical Air Conditi 322
Panel, Simulation, We 915202500
Panel, Simulation, To 915202501
Panel, Simulation, Ds 915202502
Panel, Simulation, Ds 915202503
Bfvs Turret Trainer 915200000
Training Aid, Aircraft Electrical 458-58637-1
Training Aid, Aircraft Flight, Sur 458-58606-1
Training Aid, Aircraft Landing Ge 458-58610-1
Training Aid, Robotics 00175
Switch Assembly, Training 293-053
Simulator, Aircraft 385-12115-1
Microprocessor Lab 5036A
Training Aid, Fire Hydrant 6901
Battery Assembly, Training 13056866
Kit, Early Math C6560
Kit, Rebus Reading Program C8355
Kit, Educational C5201
Simulator Assembly 11558480
Kit, Early Language C8550
Kit, Early Listening C1900
Kit, Early Experiences C6901
Kit, Early Experiences C6902
Kit, Small Wonder C7899
Kit, Educational C5200
Kit, Training 90420D
Nummulites 52W2920
Streak Plate 12-0290
Azurite 46-0982
Barite 46-1024
Marble, White 47W4809
Schist 47W7244
Shale, Ferruginous 47W7449
Coal, Peat 47-6085
Cuprite 46-2454

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