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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: May 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Indicator Simulated 220H3768A328
Indicator Simulated 220H3769A328
Insert, Readout Module-light, Alph 655865
Indicator, Status Di 656238
Indicator, Status Di 656239
Indicator, Status Di 656240
Indicator, Status Di 656241
Indicator, Status Di 656242
Indicator, Status Di 656243
Indicator, Status Di 656244
Indicator, Fuel Flow 820-430
Indicator, Temperatu SYN6AVB000B139
Indicator, Temperatu 820-434
Indicator, Nozzle Po 820-435
Indicator, Nozzle Po 820-436
Indicator, Range Rat 820-437
Indicator, Throttle 820-426
Indicator, Throttle 820-427
Indicator, Hydraulic 820-439
Indicator, Hydraulic 820-440
Indicator, Azimuth, S 682180
Indicator, Elevation 682181
Solenoid, Off Flag 101-37
Encoder, Shaft 8 Bit 549219
Indicator 121SCAV115-1
Tape Assembly 0027800490
Trainer, Helicopter 2B10
Indicator, Status Bi KA24-24-451E1886
Simulator, Navigational Controls SM254ASM
Tape, Recorder Drive 80147
Indicator, Status Bi KA24-24-452E1886
Control, Magnetic Variation 266259
Indicator Simulated 422216
Indicator Simulated 42892-01-5-607
Timer, Interval, Training 691HB600D200820
Demonstrator Ships 1DA5E
Indicator Simulated 141707-01-01
Packing, Cup, Teflon A11-20-4A
Seal, Cylinder A49-20-11
Pressure Ring 051-PGQ01-138
Simulator Own Ships 609-6-1000
Indicator Simulated 475286
Mounting, Clip 4A669
Amplifier, Differential 112
Coupling, Spring R100262-1
Cylinder Unit H84
Electronic, Subassem 431244
Slide, Reference 107006-1
Slide, Reference 107007-1
Dial And Gear Assem 570A460-706-103
Servomechanism, Comp 570A460-701-101
Dial And Gear Assem 570A460-701-103
Servomechanism, Comp 570A460-704-101
Dial And Gear Assem 570A460-704-103
Servomechanism, Comp 570A460-705-101
Servomechanism, Comp 570A460-719-101
Gear And Dial Assem 570A460-719-103
Gear And Dial Assem 570A460-719-105
Servomechanism, Comp 570A460-707-101
Dial And Gear Assem 570A460-707-103
Differential 570A460-711-103
Dial And Gear Assembly 570A460-711-105
Dial And Gear Assem 570A460-711-109
Differential 570A460-711-111
Dial And Gear Assem 570A460-721-107
Arm Assembly, Stop 239280
Paper, Chart 204060
Coupling, Pointer Sh 475308
Trainer, Electrical Power System, 562-078-001-1
Electronic Subassem 11-2104-1
Electronic Subassem 11-2093-1
Electronic Subassem 11-2098-1
Electronic Subassem 11-2101-1
Electronic Subassem 11-2103-1
Electronic Subassem 02-2188-1
Cushion Adjustment Lock Seal 1993-1-4L
Electronic Subassem 11-2099-1
Optical Viewfinder, Assembly 53D094532-1
Network, Differentia 478073
Network, Elevationx 478441
Network, Elevationx 478442
Network, Inverter, Me 478871
Panel Assembly, Operator 61J31049
Panel Assy, Auxiliar 61J31037
Power Supply 686744
Indicator Simulated 587585
Indicator Simulated 392335
Indicator Simulated 422247
Trainer, Ejection Seat 7027494-10
Trainer, Electrical Power System, 7027330-10
Digiswitch 03-A-0033
Cam, Adjustable 344599
Shoe And Lining, Fri 353380
Stop, Recorder Drive 391590
Drive, Tape Recorder 80146
Indicator Simulated 623607
Tachometer, Simulated Eru-5a 623608
Trainer, Flight Simulator 391000-3
Stylus Plate Assemb 401-10408-01
Belt Assembly 401-10418-01

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