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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: May 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Network Card Assemb 680417
Rotor, Magnetic Clutch 461021
Guide, Contact Adjus 5718
Stop, Adjustable 94382
Five Input Gate, Mic G11034
Trainer, Maintenance Systems, Airc 10020A000-101
Body, Clutch 536247-4
Ring 536248
Altimeter, Simulated 275941-1
Training Device, Air 64705-10000-041
Housing, Bearing 82192
Coupler Section Tra 538325-2REVA
Duplexer Section Tr 538325-4REVA
Can, Training Set Ma 61335PT501
Damper, Antenna Trai 61335PT503
Retainer, Training S 536249
Adapter, Bearing AA4-2
Motor Damper Control M934A1011
Sonic Simulator Pan 40259-0994REVD
Echo Repeater Assem 50259-1015REVC
Double Mixer Sectio 538325-3REVA
Support, Bracket Ass 30259-0982REVA
Trainer Subassembly CC1320-1REVM
Trainer, Measuring Instrument 623659
Timer, Fire Control 40-289-1
Computer, Simulated Bomb Release P145961-01-01
Encoder, Binary, V-sc 800715-1
Indicator, Readout, B 961-2630A328-2
Adapter, Signal Samp HX10T
Fitting, Pylon 53D094865-9
Memory Drum Unit 549074
Digiswitch 03-A-0035
Differentialxassemb 2325799
Driverxdeflection DAPP2N7
Extension 100855
Stop Mechanism E621175-32
Stop Mechanism E621175-28
Stop Mechanism E621175-9
Stop Mechanism E621175-26
Stop Mechanism E621175-24
Stop Mechanism E621175-20
Stop Mechanism E621175-11REVF
Indicator Assembly FC86002-1
Case 10-82V
Timer, Mult-cam 60717-2
Hub, Dial 297364
Dial, Indicator, Mach 475318
Brake, Machine Numbe 297359
Sleeve Guide, Rough 476430
Trainer, Weapon System, Aircraft 53E090008-301
Knob, Throttle Control 693556
Slide Link Assembly 693475
Pin, Linkage, Fingerl 693477
Glide Pin, Lever 693478
Lever, Fingerlift Control 693482
Screw, Trim, Control Loading 693878
Bar, Trim, Control Loading 693879
Electronic Subassem GS019-028-101
Electronic Subassem GS019-024-101
Compass, Simulated Magnetic Stand 462901
Seperator, Automatic 1300-2
Plotter Projector 401-10760-01
Magazine Assembly 401-10554-02
Kit, Valve Plate T11880
Indicater Temperatu 626171-1
Attenuator, Simulated Voltage 464061
Module, Amplifier, Po PA30
Stop, Spring AW5408
Indicator, Simulated 693068
Differential, Mechan 299064
Network, Switching 478062
Network, Bias Settin 478414
Network, Photomultip 478420
Restorer, Gated 478434
Network, Differentia 478454-01
Modulator, Amplitude 478458
Network, Complementa 478467
Network, Complementa 478468
Oscillator, 2.5 Mc 478548
Amplifier Deference 478574
Network, Photomultip 478858
Radar Plate Mapping 482223
Card, Summing Audio, B483454
Card, Summing Audio, 483454
Card, Summing, Audio, 483467
Card, Audio Summing, 586231
Unit Subassembly Ra 587876
Unit, Subassembly, Ra 587877
Unit, Subassembly, Ra 587878
Simulator, Automatic Flight Contr AE37AT15
Training Set, Centra RA0015
Trainer, Compass System, Aircraft RA0014
Trainer, Electrical Power System, RA00112
Trainer, Surface Control System, A RA0010
Module, Jet Navigati 475131
Module, Jet Navigati 475134
Module, Simulated Je 475135
Module, Simulated Je 475137
Module, Oceanic Navi 475138

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