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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: Jun 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Module, Oceanic Navi 475139
Module, Oceanic Navi 475140
Module Oceanic Navi 475141
Module, Oceanic Navi 475142
Module, Oceanic Navi 475143
Module, Oceanic Navi 475144
Module, Oceanic Navi 475145
Module, Oceanic Navi 475146
Module, Oceanic Navi 475148
Module, Oceanic Navi 475149
Module, Oceanic Navi 475150
Module Oceanic Navi 475151
Module, Oceanic Navi 475152
Module, Oceanic Navi 475153
Module, Oceanic Navi 475156
Indicator, Simulated S410
Modulator, Signal Phase Sensitive D6003-1040026S
Modulator, Signal Ph D6003-8400115S
Circuit Board Assy, 70001272-701
Encoder, Trainer Wea 546350
Gear Spur 60205-20
Shaft, Pointer And O 457667
Brake Assembly BC1142
Guide Assembly 7900130-39
Pulley Assembly 7900130-37
Lamp Assembly BC461
Capstan Assembly BC985
Indicator, Simulated 570A080-701-109
Trainer, Weapon System, Aircraft 622000
Fan Assembly, Trainer 769-4-430010
Blower Assembly, Trainer 763-3-220070
Lamp Assembly 801-359-1
Pointer Assembly 1056-0028-1
Hub, Pointer 1555-0013-4
Flange And Lamp Assembly 1525-0300-3
Weather Transparency 4V34056-137A
Weather Transparency 4V34056-139A
Bezel, Control Box 769-4-262063-3
Insert, Legend 763-2-223008-36
Trainer, Cockpit Procedures A/F37A-T46
Trainer, Ejection Seat A/F37A-T47
Readout, Altitude, Trainer MS4000BC
Wedge And Cover Assembly, Standby 700-0123-1
Lamp Assembly, Trainer 801-367-1
Hub, Pointer 1555-0013-1
Ring, Support 1525-4433-1
Chassis Assembly, Trainer 933184
Flange And Lamp Assembly, Trainer 1525-0300-1
Bracket, Cylinder 3150230-668-11
Sling, Motion System Components, T 72-045-8DM
Cylinder Assy 2011854-03
Counter And Plate Assembly 1590-0015-1
Actuator Assembly 1546-0313-1
Hub, Clutch 1480-0631-1
Hub, Flag, Indicator 1476-0902-3
Handle, Accumulator TEFHM4
End Cap, Cylinder FP70370-01
Bearing, Pad FP69629-01
Bushing, Cylinder, Trainer FP70366-01
Ring, Support, Trainer 1542-4433-1
Trainer, Air Conditioning System T5312000
Trainer, Ejection Seat A/F37A-T54
Trainer, Cockpit Procedures A/F37A-T53
Trainer, Flight Simulator A/F37A-T57
Test Connector, Communication Mod 966642-0001
Control Box, Transducer, Trainer 10089
Trainer, Aircraft Flight, Surface A/E37A-T53
Cylinder, Hydraulic, Trainer 2CBB2HLTS19CX9
Trainer, Ejection Seat A/E37A-T54
Trainer, Cockpit Procedures A/F37A-T58
Chassis, Memory System 4004006-01
Hub, Shaft And Pointer Assembly, T 1557-0201-1
Hub, Pointer, Trainer 1555-0013-3
Dial, Altitude, Trainer 1590-9001-1
Indicator, Flap Position, Simulate 20250-64
Power Supply 1003264-02
Adapter, Shaft 1381-8311-1
Flange And Gear Assembly 1546-4300-1
Flag, Off, Indicator 1557-0502-2
Flag, Mach, Indicator 1557-0502-1
Transducer, Pressure, Trainer PS77124-01
Seal Subassembly, Grease, Trainer FP70013-01
Clamp, Gear, Trainer 900-0067-4
Collar, Synchro, Trainer 1576-0003-1
Support, Synchro, Tra 1576-0005-1
Cover, Rear, Printed Circuit Board 800-375-1
Drum, Painted, Trainer 565-1725-01
Clutch, Slipping, Tra D208426A30
Clutch, Slipping, Tra E219316A
Clutch Body, Trainin E53352-10
Clutch, Slipping, Tra D208421A30
Clutch, Slipping, Tra E219508A
Clutch Body, Trainin E26246-2
Fabric Insert, Slipp E38566-02
Reed Assembly T00322
Gearhead Assembly, T 0P12321
Clamp, Clutch, Traine E55981-03
Roller, Visual Syste D233103-20
Micro Switch Operat A4-244447-11
Handle, Printed Circ 10037

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