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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: May 19, 2019

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Knob, Radio Compass D5031
Head Assemlby 1400119-10
Head Assembly 1400119-20
Tire, Guide Wheel, Visual System T A4-244424-15
Adjustable Guide As BC1441-2
Trainer, Flight Simulator CP204-16004B
Indicator, Switch 01-865000
Glass, Heat Filter A4-249421-15
Thrust Plate E26248-02
Thrust Plate E53352-12
Lens, Trainer ND238228
Filter, Heat 0P12121
Disc, Trainer 112920
Hub, Visual System Trainer D38669-05
Hub, Visual System Trainer D38669-06
Hub, Visual System Trainer D38669-07
Shaft, Visual System Trainer D53346-55
Filter, Trainer 136169
Prism Insert, Traine 136178
Strobe Insert, Right A4-221610-90
Thrust Plate, Visual System Train E53360-12
Trainer, Electrical Power System, 204-91157-1
Trainer, Flight Simulator AN/ASQ-T12
Tape Guide 7405136
Stop, Adjustable 1459-0014-5
Pinion Shaft, Trainer 1590-0441-1
Trainer, Flight Simulator A/F37A-T50
Trainer, Flight Simulator A/F37A-T51
Adjustable Cam Assembly, Trainer D208429A
Pad, Trainer 112923
Detection Module 30-191042-011
Guide, Printed Circuit Board C55094
Guide, Printed Circuit Board C55930
Mirror, Strobe Rotat A3-244667A
Contact, Visibility E219445A
Light Guide, Fiber O 0P12109
Module, Line Interfa DL11-D
Mos Regulator H746
Detector, Combustion 70-064000-201
Control Unit 30-191040-012
Memory Circuit G401
Indicator, Differential Pressure, 31-10023-0
Rack, Mission Simulator R2-21
Sleeve And Gear Assembly, Simulat 2926-0131
Flag Assembly, Missi 2926-0160
Manifold, Hydraulic 392213
Quadrant, Inboard Power, Trainer 925153
Connector And Contact Assembly, T CB21-580-B
Connector Panel Assembly, Trainer 100858-001
Collar, Visual Syste E219308-21
Card Guide 1210826
Lubbers Line, Traine CB21-924B
Amplifier, External 3150250-922-103
Simulated Indicator CS-288
Simulated Altimeter CS-290
Trainer, Attitude An 204-90816-1
Trainer, Automatic Flight Control 204-91289-1
Rectifier FBL00-110
Indicator, Brake Cyc HS081S7010
Valve, Bleeder 2243944
Trainer, Instrument And Flight Di 204-90900-1
Insert, Readout Module Light 18989-01
Cable, Trainer 3150230-660-113
Power Supply A10-0109-05
Gage Assembly, Charging 2488534
Power Module, Traini 1000914-02
Lens, Compass, Simula CB21-913-5A
Frame, Trainer, Simul 1412-0750-1
Adapter Board 54-08780-00
Bracket, Switch 323357-2
Disc Assembly, Friction 3150230-688-103
Light, Simulator, Trainer 3150100-606-101
Servovalve, Hydraulic A076-102
Valve, Servo, Flight Simulator A076-103
Valve, Anti-g, Modified 3150240-904-101
Adaptor, Pentac Lens C1501
Mechanism, Canopy Jettison 3150230-688-101
Driver Assembly 30010002
Amplifier, Range 659-343-520F
Trainer, Spatial Disorientation F201F
Cylinder Unit, Hydra 1 1-2INCHCBB-2HL24CX13INCH
Wedge And Cover 700-0123-2
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 3150230-616-103
Light Guide 50901
Servo Assembly 690368
Servo Assembly 690369
Servo Assembly 690385
Generator, Function 3310A
Indicator, Simulator M107-2
Switch, Training Device 2025886-8
Ballast Unit ASCR30
Actuator CB
Limiter, Torque LC10
Trainer, Hydraulic System, Aircraf 3122311-2-2
Limit Stop Assembly JFB1-5
Sleeve, Mounting 1104-5025-1
Coupling 10010501
Motor And Pin Assem 700-0124-6
Component Holder 130375/A
Drive Shaft 3150230-686-101

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