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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: Jun 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Switch Pot Assembly 692118
Network Assembly, Pl 692312
Transducer, Linear LS1-00212
Guide, Card 1250V
Module, Electronic A416-1
Module, Electronic A414-1
Magnetic Drum, Speci S1978
Extender, Special 905095-2
Accumulator, Special A66409-200
Integrated Circuit 3551
Integrated Circuit LM318
Deck, Special 01310-00101
Tape, Special 0950-1313
Board Assembly 5060-1196
Indicator Subassembly 3126
Amplifier, Special 2039518-01
Network Assembly 2040462-05
Network Assembly 2040462-06
Cylinder, Special 356718
Amplifier, Special 703688
Amplifier, Special 843830-02
Patch, Special 769-2-600050
Patch, Special 769-2-600051
Patch, Special 769-2-600096
Integrated Circuit 30003411-1
Integrated Circuit 30003413-1
Integrated Circuit 30003414-1
Integrated Circuit 30003419-1
Integrated Circuit 30004319-1
Regulator 7100538G001
Line Assembly 1400136-31
Keyboard, Special 1400108-91
Unibus, Special 7100584G001
Channel, Special 7100621G001
Intergrated, Circuit 531900E99410-1
Board, Special H2921
Servo Assembly 690441
Prism Insert Backplate 136179
Shaft A4-249214-12
Integrated Circui DEC74123
Indicator, Special ES329
Switch, Special 1906-388C
Switch, Special 11TS15-3
Drive Hub 140901
Handle CL-234-PB
Convergence And Deflection Coil 6-003-0474
Integrated Circui DEC1074H04
Integrated Circui 1909448
Integrated Circui DEC4008P
Altimeter, Dummy ES332
Indicator, Special ES335
Indicator, Fuel ES345
Compass Face, Dummy ES346
Altimeter, Indicator ES348
Integrated Circui 30001418-1
Integrated Circui 30001419-1
Integrated Circu 30001421-1
Connector, Special 005009-020-163-001
Connector, Special 00-7023-041-000
Indicator, Special 1210477
Switch, Special 3PN11T2
Operator Panel 9001M2LA35R
Test Box, Logic Monitor 204-92052-1
Carrier Board A76/489/61
Assembly, Mechanisim A2841-103
Loop Cable 2036984-30
Shaft A4-249230-11
Shaft A4-249230-12
Shaft A4-249230-13
Shaft A4-249230-14
Plate, Lug Assembly 1130-020890
Spring, Helical 88960
Carrier Board A76/489/51
Power Supply 16DRD25-1
Head, Special 1218
Indicator, Special 2037202-10
Indicator, Special 2037203-01
Plate, Motor Mounting 159272-01
Engine Cluster 670678
Integrated Circuit MM555
Oscillator, Special 7400-10-496
Monitor, Modulator 466-0005-001
Integrated Circuit 30003420-1
Bungee Assembly, Horizontal Stabi S300153-001
Intergrated, Circuit I9800194-00
Intergrated, Circuit 531900E99410-2
Control Assembly, Tr 2D1121-1194-1
Assembly, Rear Cover A2841-107
Bungee, Rudder S400173-001
Bungee, Elevator S400176-001
Bungee, Aileron S400177-001
Orifice Assy 020-42950-026
Spoolstop 052-25086
Plug, Filter 071-24163-001
Union Motor 073-24311-003
Plug, Auxillary Pressure Port 093-24201
Coil Assembly 060-68084-031
Plunger E226441/14
Nozzle Assy 070-07549-002
Shaft, Grooved AW3635-1

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