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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: May 23, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Clamp, Special D38551-04
Housing 159570-01
Case, Simulated Transmitter SM-C-747928
Module B5296L8
Module B5296R8
Bubble, Canopy 69K27255-01
Terminal Board, Code 324947
Board Video And Syn 3065740
Simulator, Air To Air Combat 61300001
Lock Flag 15441
Module, Cap Sense 3414995-501
Plate 1130-029110
Logic Module MN160-10
Escape System Trainer TAU-203-E
Electrical Cable As 698351
Bracket FV75010-1
Painter And Shaft 47543
Extender Cable Asse MI557430-B1
Rotary Joint 5015
Adapter 033730-0020
Anchor-ring 70938276-001
Anchor-ring 70938276-003
Indicator, Special 2037207-01
Converter 37656485-001
Valve, Special 85-0-1-3TR
Operating Assembly 37010143-001
Valve, Special 2302-2L
Amplifier, Special 3625A
Coupler, Special CL7011-10
Indicator, Special DS145-13
Indicator, Special DS145-2
Indicator, Special DS145-4
Indicator, Special L14220CG4
Module, Special DACH18B
Control, Special 114722
Indicator, Special 41-DD2-G0
Indicator, Special 41-DD77-G0
Operating Assembly 37010143-006
Valve, Special 1000276-01
Snubber, Special 300-7
Valve, Special 190DFT16-33
Indicator, Special 502-8136-0431-40
Tube Insulation 9876-5BC1
Clamp, Special 22-0007
Inductance, Special TLH11FS
Computer, Special 662197
Indicator, Special 520864
Ball, Special SSB62N
Module 03-L-0769
Anchor-ring 70938276-002
Suppressor, Noise X5006
Coupler, Special CL2040-6
Indicator, Special DS145-10
Indicator, Special DS145-16
Indicator, Special DS145-7
Indicator, Special DS145-8
Transceiver, Portabl 10018
Module, Special SDC40L1
Valve, Shutoff 101046-1
Field, Lighting 5104-451-006
Faceplate, Special 5115-741-002
Cartridge, Special 1002046-04
Cartridge, Special 1002046-03
Cartridge, Special 1002046-05
Cartridge, Special 1002046-01
Filter Element B64568-001V
Valve, Special 858357
Tube Insulation 9876-4BC1
Tube Insulation 9876-7BC1
Generator, Special K695
Coupler, Special CL4080-6
Indicator, Special DS145-11
Indicator, Special DS145-18
Indicator, Special DS145-20
Indicator, Special DS145-5
Oscillator, Special 238B
Sealectro Board 072-472-2204-600
Indicator, Special 41-DD86-G0
Valve, Bleed FF5NHPQ02S
Oscillator, Special 1000464-02
Control, Special 190DFT16-34.3
Breaker, Special 70960058-001
Ferrule, Special 1954-2BO
Tube Insulation 9876-6BC1
Indicator, Special 520863
Converter, Special Z50136
Indicator, Special DS145-1
Actuator Assembly S200122-001
Analog Generator 1H5014CJD
Bulb, Special 700-0116-1
Pak, Filler 102258-02
Starter, Special 905293
Field, Lighting 5104-451-022
Oscillator, Special 20A0101419-8144M
Cartridge, Special 1002046-06
Panel Radio Call 26-2142-2
Panel, Control Caution 790-100
Panel, Flight Directional 39-21579-1
Meter 394583
Anode Amplifier 170-701-0211

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