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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: May 23, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Trainer, Panel Hydr DVC01-80
Trainer, Panel Hydr DVC01-84
Trainer, Panel Hydr DVC01-81
Trainer, Panel Hydr DVC01-82
Trainer, Celestial I DVC01-05A
Trainer, Fuel System DVC01-85
Trainer, General Avi DVC01-88
Trainer, General Avi DVC01-88A
Trainer, Engine DVC01-89
Trainer, Multi-purpo DVC01-90
Trainer, Multi-purpo DVC01-92
Trainer, Multi-purop DVC01-93
Trainer, Utility Hyd DVC01-94
Trainer, Multi-purpo DVC01-104
Cutaway Trainer DVC01-18
Basic Instrument, Ac DVC01-16
Trainer Maintenence DVC01-08
Celestial Identific DVC01-05B
Trainer Maintenance DVC01-09
Trainer Stacking, Ac DVC01-23
Composite Trainer DVC01-31
Composite Trainer DVC01-31A
Armament System, Tra DVC01-33A
Power Plant, Trainer DVC01-37
Trainer, Celestial I DVC01-04
Platform, Inspection And Work S11G1167
Indicator Simulated 15250-18
Indicator Simulated B-1013
Trainer, Electrical DVC01-66
Trainer, Engine DVC01-99
Systems, Trainer DVC01-32
Meter, Horizontal 3156-0600
Trainer, Maintenance DVC01-72
Trainer, Panel Hydr DVC01-83
Trainer, Engine Oil DVC01-86
Trainer, Stability DVC01-51
Module, Special 644600F98503-1
Control Board Assem 162626-003
Key, Motor 90886-001
Lens, Condenser Opti 1187
Control Assembly, Push-pull Brake 7-42485-300
Extender Card Z403-1
Extender Card Z802-1
Control Assembly, Simulator Push 7-42487-402
Control Assembly, Si 7-42486-414
Control Assembly, Si 7-40603-302
Key, Polarizing 290148-01
Diode Board Assembl 4000-0138
Power Supply 170-701-0021
Panel, Test 00092-2066
Panel, Ventilating 06-1102-0889
Board, Extender H06G1763-1
Block Assembly 47905211
Converter, Read-head OPB125
Handle, Circuit Card 13-12111
Module DDM703
Throttle Control As 7-42484-309
Keyboard Assembly, S 104-1031-2
Select Band 304072601
Bearing, Pressure Ro 1725
Belt, Drive 036
Circuit Card, Contro 350287801
Circuit Card, Photot 350065801
Read Head Assembly 302233901
Control Assembly, Ru 7-42486-415
Throttle Control As 7-42484-408
Trainer, Engine Operating, Aircraf TAU-210/E
Trainer, Engine Operating, Aircraf TAU-211/E
Trainer, Engine Starting System TAU-212/E
Trainer, Electronics Countermeasu TAU-213/E
Cylinder Unit, Hydraulic 1002154-02
Trainer, Automatic Flight Control TAU-208/E
Power Supply 3150520-618-103
Trainer, Electrical Power System, TAU-204/E
Indicator Simulated 037624-001
Transport Assy, Pape 020200-001
Cable Assy, Basic Fr 026126-001
Bellows, Plastic 1004730-01
Latch Door 45-99-175-20
Throttle Control As 7-42484
Trainer, Hydraulic System, Aircraf TAU-205/E
Module Assembly, Spe 6010-5011
Control Cable P762-0-020
Filter, Dark Green TINT 24
Filter, Red Gelatin TYPE L 599RED
Transducer 3146563
Cable Assembly H14G3297-6
Monitor, Voltage Band And Phase S SP0104
Oscillating Crystal MX040-210-000MHZ
Driver, Sine-cosine 801-329
Cable, Special C80501
Cap Toner 976357
Lens, Concave-convex SPA678SET
Control Card 2630-02
Board Extender C05-0003B
Indicator, Angle, Synchro, Resolver 54342-90027-1
Trainer System, Visual Flight Sim SMK-941F37A-T
Shield, Fresnel Lens 70717S
Trainer, Flight Simulator A/F37A-T80
Reel Assembly, Inert 7465656-010

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