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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: May 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Anode Jack Assembly 170-701-0130
Yoke Assembly 170-701-0230
Boot Assembly 170-701-0250
Accelerometer, Linear, Simulated 10002053-01
Cover, Port 226770
Tube Assembly, Ailer 482784
Filter, Cabinet 622645
Support, Air-duct 2017238-01
Plate, Light Diffusi 397511
Socket, Integrated Circuit 2018561-01
Actuator, Switch 2001955-01
Hub, Split 82742
Amplifier, Ground Isolator 1004340-01
Thumbwheel 3150330-105-9
Gear Sector 3150230-653-15
Flush Kit 1005482-001
Bridge 5468624P001
Bearing Unit, Jewel 276773
Ring, Trainer Flight Simulator S-1178
Flushing Block 100-23718-1
Tactical Training S DVC07-51
Digital Computer Tr DVC11-20
Computer Education DVC11-21
Oscilloscope Traine DVC11-25
Digital Computer Tr DVC11-37
Computer Maintenanc DVC11-38
Satellite Repair Tr DVC11-41
Reactive Electronic DVC11-42
Environmental Simul DVC11-43
High Voltage Assembly 1089519G1
Arm, Actuating 267603
Cap, Sleeve 226766
Cylinder 1000557-01
Detonation Transfer 6G1122-1
Detonation Transfer 16G1122-18
Detonation Transfer 16G1122-19
Detonation Transfer 16G1122-20
Detonation Transfer 16G1122-3
Detonation Transfer 16G1122-5
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 16VG016-1
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 16VG016-2
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 2651111-1
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 2650122-1
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51126-1
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51126-2
Detonation Transfer Assembly, Ine 16G1122-26
Detonation Transfer Assembly, Ine 16G1122-28
Detonation Transfer 16G1122-8
Detonation Transfer 1LG1122-9
Rocket, Inert, Canopy Remover Asse 16VG014-3
Detonation Transfer Assembly 16G1122-16
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51064-1
Bellows, G-seat 1004032-01
Bellows, G-seat U004032-02
Simulator, Maintenance Procedure 37670061-001
Signal, Warning Assy 8442123-1
Rocket, Inert, Canopy Remover Asse 16VG014-4
Card Assy 8447211-1
Keyboard Assy 8448504-1
Strap, Bellows 2000841-02
Strap, Bellows 2000841-03
Enclosure, Bellows 2000848-02
Actuator, Lap And Le 2007436-001
Bellows Assembly 2031738-04
Clamp, Transformer 2040514-01
Window Display 200979-1
Detonation Transfer 16G1122-25
Shift Loop 3357
Speed Recorder Assy 40107
Housing 7364
Pressure Roller M20045-7
Cap 6196
Resistor Card Assembly 697-331-560C
Resistor Card Assembly 697-333-520C1
Feel Capsule, Control Column HS088D4401
Indicator Simulated 37675360-005
Disc Assembly 40057
Cue Handle 1728
Shaft 6254
Card Guide 2018524-02
Keyboard 12NW7-1
Pointer Assembly 37675379-007
Valve Assembly, Hydr 37675481-001
Selector Assembly 37675591-001
Flushing Kit 2074881-001
Front Mechanism Assembly HS070D2197-11
Starter-switch 606-1180-501B
Cube, Beam Splitter 659-206-555C
Indicator Simulated 7819600-10
Indicator Simulated 7819601-010
Indicator Simulated 7819605-010
Indicator Simulated 7819605-090
Indicator Simulated 1958-2
Indicator Simulated 7819608-010
Indicator Simulated 7819611-010
Trainer, Power Train DVC2-117-2
Trainer, Flight Cont DVC1-121
Trainer, Flight Cont DVC1-120
Trainer, Programmabl DVC1-116-3
Trainer, Programmabl DVC1-117-1

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