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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: May 20, 2019

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Cabinet Assembly HS094D0302-1
Case Assembly HS095D7076-1
Case Assembly HS095D7085-1
Gage Assembly, Pressure HS095D7073-1
Mask, Prism, Lower 127076
Differential Assembly HS094D6088-1
Standoff HS094D6318-11
Stop, Limit HS094D6332-11
Transmitter Unit 817-020-01
Module, Plug In 935-691-01
Module, Plug In 951-09-051
Module, Plug In 951-03-052
Indicator, Oxygen Pressure, Simula 2072652-01
Indicator Simulated 3241
Module, Plug-in 938-091-01
Panel, Tacan 2006209-07
Indicator Simulated 37675366-001
Lever Assembly, Landing Gear 37675447-001
Indicator Simulated 37675578-001
Indicator Simulated 37675638-001
Indicator Simulated 37675577-001
Module, Special 936-091-01
Receiver Unit 817-022-01
Module, Plug-in 951-04-002
Indicator Simulated 37675518-001
Control Subassembly 37670775-001
Parts Kit, Actuator 858154
Shaft And Hub Assembly HS094D6022-1
Shaft And Hub Assembly HS094D6022-3
Shaft And Hub Assembly HS094D6022-4
Ball Inclinometer 2027923-01
Dashpot B7.00G9.00KLMN
Indicator Simulated 37675613-002
Heatsink Assembly 170-705-0120
Indicator Simulated 37675626-001
Filter, Reverse Ulti MCS1001CE16L
Back Plate Assembly 1560-9E2A-002-1
Plate Assembly 1560-9E2A-002-2
Switch, Special HS070D5434-2
Throttle Assembly 37676013-004
Indicator TYPE 1C/1UD01-1A
Indicator, Engine Or 1C-7UE44-1B
Tank, Volume 577720-001
Handle And Plate Assembly 1560-9E2A-001-2
Plate, Manual Override Simulator 1560-9E2A-001-5
Cover 1560-9E2A-001-7
Support, Alternate Firing System 1560-9E2A-005-7
Ring Assembly, Alternate Firing S 1560-9E2A-005-3
Alternate Firing Assembly 1560-9E2A-005-1
Webbing Assembly 1560-9E2A-004-3
Clamp 1560-9E2A-008-1
Extender Card, Seat 7819144-001
Bracket Assembly, Hy 2007483-001
Handle Assembly, Manual Override 1560-9E2A-001-1
Harness Assembly 1560-9E2A-006-2
Mount Assembly, Training Device 1560-9E2A-006-3
Printed Wiring Board, Terminal As 005-009067-00
Collar, Spring 37670157-001
Roller, Cam 37670155-001
Panel, Display, Training U306009
Projector, Interface 37670598-902UNIT
Display Circuit 106840-004
Clamp, Assembly 37675670-001
Legend Card 87AC2046-A
Strip, Identificatio 37654248-001
Gear, Counter Assemb 1894-0510-1
Board, Synchro Drive 801-424-1
Mechanism Assembly 1873-0500-1
Amplifier Assembly, 801-425-1
Shaft Assembly 1868-0251-1
Mother Board Assemb 802-422-1
Board, Amplifier 803-392-2
Amplifier 851-416-1
Mother Board Assemb 801-403-1
Readout Assembly, Le 739-0362-601
Pin, Swivel Index 7850794-01
Control Assembly, Ra 7758642-010
Block And Pointer A 1871-9041-1
Pointer Airspeed As 1871-9021-1
Control Box 1003060-05
Mat, Floor 2077778-012
Spill, Special 2140-3073
Extender Board, Dip 2010886-04
Lever Assembly 7850916-20
Mat, Floor 2077778-009
Mat, Floor 2077778-008
Trainer, Flight Simulator 204-90500
Extension Board C99310A
Test Chart A3-250530
Test Chart D232298A
System, Digital To Syncro 7822058-010
Cover Glass-light Wedge 7850128-01
Insert, Legend, Down 57912-40089-4
Clamp, Alternate Firing System 1560-9E2A-005-8
Case Assembly, Thermometer HS095D7079-1
Indicator Simulated 376760-003
Switch, Back Plate 1560-9E2A-002-3
Generator, Smoke Che 80-R-1001
Clamp, Alternate Firing System 1560-9E2A-005-9
Amplifier 170-701-0210

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