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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: May 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Plate, Mounting, Gear HS070D2851-11
Plate, Mounting, Gear HS070D2851-12
Bracket, Retaining, Belt Assembly 3150260-137-113
Connector Assembly 37661644-001
Release Assembly 3150260-694-108
Balance, Loaded 112730-001
Kit, Loose Parts, Circuit Card L289A0069
Kit, Loose Parts, Circuit Card L289A0116.A
Bezel Assembly 3340-2
Ring, Deflector 3107-0150
Springs, Paired 265273-901
Balance Cross, Indicator 150080-001
Nut, Balance, Loaded 115035-001
Dial, Formed 535146-901
Pointer, Disc HS070D5665-1
Nut, Balance 73690-001
Weight, Balance, Loaded 76550-001
Surge Protector, Trainer 215-221596
Lamp, Power, Clear 205-121482
Lamp, Trouble, Amber 1400219-259
Surge Protector, Trainer 215-221486
Oscillator, Precision 815T-400HZ.1%
Module, Switching SW5100A-20MHZ
Spring, Indicator 137512-901
Readout Assembly 3996-1
Module Assembly 105689
Keeper 531900E10604
Meter Calibration Board 906102086-019
Trainer Group, Offensive SMK-113/F37A-T69
Detonation Transfer Assembly 16G1122-36
Detonation Transfer Assembly 16G1122-35
Detonation Transfer Assembly 16G1122-34
Detonation Transfer Assembly 16G1122-33
Detonation Transfer Assembly 16G1122-32
Fan 999046-001
Tape Deck Assembly 531900E64609
Chassis Unit, Tactics 923675A02
Test Panel, Simulator 531900E64605
Flag Link, Indicator HS070D3166-11
Bar, Linkage HS070D3437-12
Shield, Indicator HS070D3487-11
Tension Sensor Assembly 237052
Clutch Assembly 237484
Sweep Sync Compositor 82T0520
Expansion Module 57736-90005-022
Memory-serial Input MXV-11-AC
Movement Assembly 562-929-6R
Movement Assembly 562-929-6L
Platform Assembly 2079506-001
Accumulator, Hydraulic 859313
Mirror, Spherical 63D719752P1
Mirror, Spherical 63D719752P2
Mirror, Spherical 63D719752P3
Electronics Assembly H06G1783-3
Panel Control Assembly 37662049-002
Controller Assembly 613893-102
Display Head 1002000-09
Tape Deck 531900E10622
Movement Assembly 563-058-8
Trainer, Measuring Instrument 7819602-030
Training Kit 6030-0065
Mat, Floor 2077778-006
Mounting Block 2887971
Trainer, Environmental Control Sy A/E24U-T7
Connector Assembly, Hydraulic 8068723-090
Connector, Hydraulic 8068723-170
Connector, Hydraulic 8068723-150
Connector, Hydraulic 8068723-190
Direction Finder, Co 648095C98516-2
Indicator, Flight 2013835-05
Connector, Hydraulic 8068723-130
Panel, Display, Training 7819953-050
Counter, Altitude Indicator 717000-102
Display Assy 170-902-0010
Rocket, Inert 2632130-6
Plate, Quadrant 35344
Cabinet, Electrical A51T72400-7
Maintenance Kit, Electronic Equip 16U99005-1
Indicator, Crossfeed 2037200-01
Transducer, Linear SS-209
Indicator Altitude 1894-1
Ram And Status Card 1088682
Gear Box Assembly 9010-506-016
Display, Digital DR640NS
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51062-8
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51062-9
Actuator Assembly 2074123-001
Paper Ironer 89253140
Trainer, Flight Simulator 3150000-601-109
Shock Absorber A3/4X3
Trainer, Air Conditioning System 458-58620-1
Trainer, Hydraulic System, Aircraf 458-58617-1
Kit, Actuator 7823420-010
Control Subassembly 37670775-002
Panel, Control, Simulated 1981-1
Personel Detail Amp A858/489/13
Pulse Switching Rec A962/486/1
Pointer Assembly 37661693-001
Pointer Assembly 37661693-002
Display Assembly 63A137193G1

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