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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: Jun 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Digital Display, Remote 906102410-109
Latch Board Assembl 910196105-099
Hook Assembly, Arresting 910196106-009
Indicator, Trainer 910196107-009
Valve Assembly, Dual 910197111-009
Latch Assembly 910100610-029
Lampbox Assembly 910198106-039
Indicator Assembly, Maintenance 910198108-009
Lampbox Assembly 910198109-019
Indicator Assembly, Aileron 910198110-009
Indicator Assembly, Rudder 910198111-009
Indicator Assembly, Stabilator 910198112-009
Indicator Assembly, Brake 910198113-009
Indicator Assembly, Launch Bar 910198114-009
Meter Assembly, Spec 912117107-019
Panel Assembly 12027-10
Cover, Half 1-102536-8
Cover, Half 1-102537-8
Panel Assembly, Moni 12026-10
Card Guide 12-11099-00
Roller, Indficator 3238-0108
Trainer, Cockpit 6930-UH60TD1
Trainer, Center Support 37663415-001
Crystal 5532408
Trainer, Maintenance Systems, Airc A/F37U-T28
Coupler, Data Link 5012120-002
Kit, Seal Piston Tub P107407
Hook Assembly 910201112-019
Hook Assembly, Forwa 910201119-009
Preregulator, Direct Current 910022000-019
Latch Assembly, Segm 910100610-009
Kit K56
Stylus Belt Assembl 906240-1
Drum Assembly, Flange And Gear 1801-0800-3
Panel, Control 2039272-02
Panel Assy 2037122-01
Harpoon Trainer Mod 72A249004-1005
Harpoon Trainer Mod 5169223-101
Indicator, Meter 2090-88
Indicator, Meter 20250-112
Trainer, Maintenance Systems, Airc L8500100
Control, Electronic Display Mouse 1007415-001
Display Assembly 1007514-001
Trainer, Maintenance Systems, Airc L8500275
Simulator, Flight Environment 63C517100G1
Filter Assembly, Trainer 37663414-920
Panel, Installation 10290-10
Trainer, Fuel System, Vehicular A/F37A-T81
Blower, Regenerative 7822422-010
Panel, Display, Training 37663492-001
Data Base Transformation System, A/E24U-19
Software, Support Center 399-19011
Trainer, Cockpit Procedures 399-17001
Trainer, Mission 399-15015
Trainer, Weapon System, Aircraft 399-10050
Video 012950
Multiplexer Assembly, Training 351-0546-1
Multiplexer Assembly, Training 351-0546-2
Panel, Display, Training 351-0448-1
Panel, Display, Training 351-0448-2
Panel, Display, Training 351-0449-2
Panel, Display, Training 351-0520-1
Panel, Display, Training 351-0538-1
Panel, Display, Training 351-0432-2
Trainer System, Visual Flight Sim SMK-117/F37A-T
Actuator Assembly, Lap Belt, Train 3150260-694-109
Keyboard, Trainer 53SD5-2
Panel, Display, Training 200481-100
Amplifier, Focus 201306-100
Charge Holder 816949-INERT
Training Set, Maintenance, Compute 551-0001-1
Amplifler Convergenc Assembly 201213-100
C0nsole, Operator 63E904775G1
Indicator Simulated 2191L5-24V
Control, Trackball 460-5124-502
Amplifier, Deflectio 170-701-0052M
Driver, Single Phase 1552-0024-01
Module, Interface B1422A
Trainer, Avionics 37667102
Trainer, Aircraft, Fire Control 37667100
Trainer, Maintenance Systems, Airc A/E37M-T12
Trainer, Aircraft, Fire Control 37667104
Dial And Ring Assem 3106-0110
Trainer, Main Observable 40A95037-1
Trainer, Missile Load 40A95015-10
Trainer, Avionics AN/GSM-T8
Trainer, Module Cani 72A249009-1001
Trainer, Automatic Flight Control 3766701-001
Video Selector 796422-4
Pointer And Hub Ass 869461
Trainer, Avionics 68-099050-105
Console Assy, Playba 502907-001
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51476-732
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51281-733
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51281-730
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51281-734
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51281-729
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51281-728
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51281-727
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51281-726

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